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Thursday,  01/30/03  04:04 PM

Last night my 5½ year old daughter Megan read Green Eggs and Ham all the way through, all by herself.  Wow.

Still sick, and still coding.  I have rediscovered much of what I once didn't know about coding.  I already told you how to write C++ classes, but I added some rediscoveries.  Next up - constant correctness.

Adam's site pointed me to Dave Winer writing about enclosures in RSS.  This seems like an important and under-reported capability.  It enables pre-downloading of big content, like video.  What if the de facto tool for watching movies on the 'net turns out to be Radio?

My friend Paul Fiore recently opened a restaurant / bar / screening room called CineSpace (www.cine-space.com).  Looks cool!  Nice web site, I haven't seen the bar yet...

"A Russian law firm is reportedly drawing up legal action against the special effects people who dreamt up Dobby, the elf in the latest Harry Potter movie, arguing that the ugly but caring elf has been modelled on Russian president Vladimir Putin."  I am not making this up.

Finally, the Vatican is taking online nominations to choose a patron saint of the Internet (Italian or English).  I am not making this up, either.  Hey, maybe they're catching up to the 21st century.  Now, about your position on birth control...