Critical Section

Sunday,  01/26/03  10:27 PM

Don't know which was a worse beating, Bucs over Raiders or Kasparov over Deep Junior.  Neither was a good game, nor close.  My favorite ad was the one where Ozzie Osborne wakes up in bed with Florence Henderson, after dreaming his kids turned into the Osmonds.  Dumbest was the Bud Light upside-down drinker.  Who thought of that one?

Joel seems to have run into Murphy's Law.  Poor guy.  Everyone out there does have current backups, right?

FuturePundit: Cloning, Biotech, and the Future of the Family.  Very interesting!  An angle affecting the gene pool of the future I had not considered before...

Real Networks and Major League Baseball have announced they will collaborate to webcast virtually all MLB games next season.  At $10/month only early adopters will try it, but this is an interesting trend.  For many radio has already moved to the web, maybe TV will also?  You still have the problem that the TV is in the family room, the computer is in the office...  of course 802.11g may solve that.

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