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Sometimes I agree with President Bush, sometimes I don't.  I sure don't agree with his views on abortion.  He needs to read my book.  Which is why I have to write it.  Get busy, Ole!

Steven Den Beste thinks the war will start on 2/1.  Fasten your seat belts 8(

Chinese researchers announced Wednesday the discovery of a feathered dinosaur that glided on four wings.  I love it!  (As physicist I.I.Rabi commented when the neutrino was discovered, "who ordered that?")

Hilary Rosen is stepping down as the CEO of the RIAA.  I used to think she was a dinosaur, but a great article in the latest issue of Wired made me feel sorry for her.  She's been trying to drag the music publishers into the 21st century, to no avail.  There's other great articles about the music industry in that issue, too, including one about Kazaa CEO Nikki Hemming.  The cover story is available online - The Year the Music Dies.

Wow, a Linux powered PDA - from the Penguin-meisters at IBM.

Here's some cool webness from GE.  How do they do that?