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Tuesday,  01/21/03  11:25 PM

Nicolas Negroponte: "Creating a Culture of Ideas".

Projection keyboards, the next big thing.  Perfect for my little Treo.  (Thanks, Marc)

More from Paul Graham on Bayesian Spam Filtering...

The web is so cool.  Here's a French site about Citidesk, with a referral to my article on frames!  (Can anyone translate "écrit-il"?)

If you have fifteen minutes and want to laugh, this one's for you.

Welcome to the newest member of my blogroll, Surfin' Safari, a 'blog by Dave Hyatt, one of Apple's Safari web browser developers.  I don't know why I like it, but I seem to visit it just about every day, so there.  (For extra credit, click on Dave's Page Theme buttons - how cool!  I have to learn more CSS...  And here's something cool you can do with CSS :)