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Sunday,  01/19/03  10:12 PM

The fat lady has sung in New Zealand.  We're going to have an America's Cup without Americans.  So be it!

You know me; I don't think the pirate bowl is going to be close.  Good football today in both games.  Is it just me, or are penalities being called too often?  I don't think it is the refs, I think it is the rules.  Too many.

So, Colin Powell thinks race should be a factor in university admissions.  What a racist!  I like Colin Powell, but really, how can this point of view be defended?

Want to read something really eye-opening?  Try this.  Then imagine what it will be like in one more generation.  (Now you know why I have to write my book.)

This is special.  Iraq is going to form a team to help the U.N. find their own WMDs.  It won't be reported this way, but this amounts to an admission that their December report was incomplete.  Steven thinks the U.S. attack has already been ordered.  I think he's right.  [Later, here's a smoking gun.  Why haven't more outlets picked this up?]

Finally, from my daughter Megan, 5½: "Hey, Dad, I'm me!"  "You sure are, Meg."  "No, my initials are M.E.; I'm me!"  Wow.  She sure is.

I messed up and posted this Monday morning.  Forgot to click the publish button.