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Wednesday,  01/15/03  10:03 PM

This announcement by President Bush is very interesting.  He continues to show that he takes positions based on his true feelings, regardless of the political fallout.  This is commendable even when the positions themselves are not.  I agree with this one; racial quotas are indefensible even as a means to right past wrongs.

Not unexpected, but the Supreme Court ruled against the challenge to copyright extensions (aka "Sony Bono Law").  Well, Larry, you gave it a good shot...

Do you understand why Microsoft was ordered to ship Java in Windows?  Let's see - Microsoft included a JVM in Windows, Sun sued them to take it out [because it implemented Windows-specific extensions], so Microsoft pulled it out, so Sun sued them to put it back.  Huh?

Don't you hate it when C|Net does articles like this?  The 30 second skip feature has been in Tivo since day one, and experienced Tivo-ers have known about it since day one.  Why write an article about it now?

From ExtremeTech:

At first blush, the [Onkyo] NAS-2.3 seems like a CD player, but it also has an embedded 80GB hard drive. So now it appears to be like any number of digital music players on the scene. But the NAS-2.3 also has a 10/100 Ethernet port, and is capable of acting as a music server to a network of Net-Tune devices. Running on the Integra product is an embedded Linux operating system, which acts as the server software.

Have you been following the Louis Vitton Cup?  Oracle finally beat Alinghi today (yesterday?) making a race of it...  Great machines, great racing, and great personal drama.  The America's Cup Finals are going to be terrific!

Turns out this 'blogging can be dangerous; just ask Iain Murray...

I'm leaving town for Vancouver for a couple of days; I'm going to try remote posting, but who knows if it will work...

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