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Thanks, Adam!

Understanding Computer Technology

Dave clarifies the two-way web.  I still don't get it, but its getting closer [later: no, I still don't get it :]...

Is there a there, there?

I don't understand 802.11a, do you?  Since 802.11b is already much faster than everyone's Internet connection, what's the point?  (Apple doesn't get it, either.)

Einstein is right again!  (love that picture, is it real, or is it Photoshop?)

Well, this is cool!  (Thanks, Marc.)  My Tivo will play music on my surround sound stereo from my Mac...

You know why we have to go to war? Saddam's too unreasonable for deterrence.  (Thanks, LGF.)  So, what about Kim?

Halley continues her series on Alpha Males...  Lesson 4: watch Stag Films (e.g. Bambi).