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Sunday,  01/05/03  09:47 PM

Tonight I sent email to many of my friends telling them about this site.  If you're one of them, welcome!

I also sent email to every author I like and respect (many of these) and for whom I was able to find email addresses (not many of these), asking for help writing my book.  If you're one of them, welcome! and thanks!! in advance for whatever help you can offer.

Great football this weekend, eh?  The best thing about WiFi is you can take your computer to your TV, and watch football while you're working...  I can watch TV on my computer, but somehow that doesn't work as well.  And of course you need Tivo, so you can back up and watch the big plays after you've heard them.

Which reminds me - I just want to thank the enlightened people at NBC Sports who broadcast the Gator Bowl on New Years' Day.  They managed not to give any scores of the Cotton Bowl and Outback Bowl going on at the same time.  Finally a network realizes that nobody watches sports live anymore.

Today was my annual chance to kill myself falling off my roof, taking down the 'ol lights.  I survived.