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Saturday,  01/04/03  11:15 PM

Went mountain biking with my friend Bill today, up at Sycamore Canyon.  A beautiful Winter day in Southern California, sun dancing on the waves.  Good workout, good to get out, good to talk to Bill about music.  Good!

This afternoon spent some time reading Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate.  I'm about halfway and it is getting better.  I knew I would like it - I'm in the choir he's preaching to - but the writing was a little unwieldy for a while.  Now he's picking up steam.  This is a good thing to keep in mind as I write, I need to keep things moving.  Like lawyers say, "if I had more time, I could have made it shorter".

I'm blogging while watching football - I've stayed away from the news sites, 'cause I don't want to know the scores.  {Amazingly I made it all through the day without hearing yesterday's Fiesta Bowl score; I watched it tonight, what a game!  But a bad pass interference call decided it in the end, too bad.}  I did see where I made Dave Winer's blog, talking up my Treo 300.  And Stephen Den Beste has posted another long treatise on the pending Iraq war (how does he find the time?)  Maybe I'll check around more a little later.  Tonight I want to get my visitor database going - I don't want to spend any effort getting people to visit my blog until it's done.