Critical Section

Friday,  01/03/03  11:15 PM

Went to the snow today, visted Blue Jay with my daughters Megan and Alex.  Made a snowman (well, more like a snow tower), threw snowballs, got wet, had fun.

Interesting how fickle the national mood is these days, or is it just me?  In November things were bad - consumer confidence low, market down, war pending.  In early December everything was better - retailers happy with Thanksgiving sales, market turning around, etc.  Now everything is again not O.K. - retailers unhappy with December sales, market up but only temporarily, etc.  The specter of war hangs over all.  I think we are experiencing deflation right now, we just don't know it yet - salaries are down, stock prices are down, consumer goods are down (cars, electronics), and housing is down in many areas.

Seems Apple is planning to charge for i-App upgrades.  Hmmm...  I guess this is good strategy - bundle them free with new Macs (so they continue to be a differentiator vs. Wintel PCs), but drive more revenue from people who already own Macs.  Kind of like charging for .Mac (their online services), users kvetched, but Apple is earning more revenue.

Megnut is talking about how ugly the new cars are.  I could not agree more.  This boxy look has got to be a fad, right?

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