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gone sailin'

Tuesday,  02/18/20  08:08 PM

BVIsHi all I'm gone sailin', back in March...

In the meantime look for me on Facebook, I'll try to post some pictures :)




Saturday,  02/15/20  12:03 PM

200K!Hi all ... my Tesla Model S just passed 200K, after 7 years!

Max charge used to be 270 and daily (90%) was 245. Now is 245 and 220, so a loss of about 11%.

  • Biggest regret is that they've become so popular :)
  • Biggest unexpected benefit is the supercharger network, unknown when I bought the car.
  • Biggest maintenance issue is tires; I get about 20K per set, so am on about my 10th set.
  • Biggest nice thing is not stopping for gas all the time.  And 200K is about 10K gallons or about $30K.
  • [Update: another big nice thing is being able to take any and I mean any car off the line.  I didn't even list this at first because I've come to take it for granted, but in the early days it was so much fun accelerating onto the freeway next to a Corvette or BMW or Porsche :)]
  • Biggest too-bad-ness is not being able to use diamond lanes anymore.  That was nice for a long time.
  • Biggest thing I didn't know when I bought the car – how nice it would be to have such a big trunk.  And roof rack.  I do regret that I'm not allowed to tow things but understand there’s a nice aftermarket solution to this now and might explore it.

Many new features via software updates; biggest include voice command, creep, GPS enhancements (traffic!), audio enhancements (spotify!), geofencing for garage door and air shock leveling, enabling WiFi, trip predictor, and valet mode.  And fireplace!

Tesla original skeuomorphic UIWorst change is getting rid of the skeuomorphic UI (shown at left) and giving in to Windows 8 look.  Although full screen GPS in 10.x is good.  And browser has become so slow as to be unusable, not sure why (overall memory consumption?)

Ongoing engineer-ness in the UI: using Wh/mi as a unit.  C'mon like anyone knows what that means.  Ave mph would be okay.

Cheers and onward!



cool stuff

Thursday,  02/13/20  10:19 PM

star eat starI've been traveling and reading and have some cool stuff to share...

This is a *real* picture of a red giant star "swallowing" another star.  How cool is that?

quadratic equation solverThis professor's amazing trick makes quadratic equations easier.  Cool!  In addition to being easier, this method makes more sense, so that you can remember it or even re-derive it when necessary.

Economist: Britain after Brexit.  After not having supported Brexit nor having understood why the majority of British people voted to leave the EU, the Economist editors double down by hoping Boris Johnson will follow Liberalism as his lodestar.  This is *not* the Onion, but you could be forgiven for thinking so.

More Economist: Who will be Donald Trump's most forceful foe?  Before you click through, ask yourself who do you think is the answer to this?  And then read their answer: Joe Biden (!?).  Um ... no.  I believe the editors have lost the thread entirely.

Apropos: In Dem primary field, the idea of a moderate is a myth.  Obama was the second most liberal person in the Senate (behind John Kerry), and literally all of the current Democrat candidates are to the left of him.  Including [former Republican] Michael Bloomberg.

the rock - a new huge diamond is discovered, and disrupts the industryFrom the New Yorker: The Rock.  In which a huge new diamond is found, and disrupts the industry.  I always like reading about diamonds as the classic case of marketing to create demand ... did you know that diamonds are not rare?  (And are in fact more common than many gemstones which are less valuable?)  Anyway, cool.

solar flare!Good news: A new spacecraft will examine the sun close up.  "On February 10th a rocket blasted off from Florida carrying Solar Orbiter, a European space probe designed to solve some of them. This craft will spend the next two years performing fly-bys of Venus and Earth, using the gravity of both planets to kick itself into an unusual orbit that will take it well above the ecliptic, the plane in which all of the sun’s planets orbit."  Yay.

Founders at work: Steve Wozniak.  Linked via Paul Graham who comments "lots to learn from in this".  No kidding.  A great overview of what makes great engineers, and great products.  I love the emphasis on elegance; I believe Woz would agree with W=UH :)


Black Sabbath : Black Sabbath - 50 years ago!Did you know?  It's the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath's eponymous debut album.  "What is this that stands before me?"

Ladysmith Black Mambazo : The Lion Sleeps TonightFinally this: The Lion Sleeps Tonight.  Bummed to hear of the passing of Joseph Shabalala, founder of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  One of the best concerts I've seen from a band I didn't know at all when I saw them was LBM.  They were at the Greek Theater - it was filled - and just about everyone in the audience sang along.


Adventures in Perception

Thursday,  02/06/20  11:29 PM

M.C.Escher at workIn 1971 Dutch filmmaker Han Van Gelder captured the artistic incredible process of M.C.Escher in the 20 minute documentary entitled "Adventures in Perception".  Sooo cool.

I think "adventures in perception" would be a great tagline for my blog :)

quantum entanglement for babiesHeh; this book actually exists - apparently it's a good overview of "quantum action at a distance".  I love the picture, either the kid or the Dad could be me :)

So... does quantum entanglement really exist?  Or is it a phenomenon which is "only" perceptual?

Shelly Palmer: How do you see the Future?  "It’s not a game. It’s a test. And your answers are your future."  A great framework for understanding what you believe.

Waaay back in April 2016 - before Trump was elected, or taken seriously as a Presidential candidate - Bernie Sanders suggested that low voter turnout among poor people hurt our democracy.  He was right about differential voting rates between economic classes, but is that good or bad?  Maybe from his perspective as an ardent Socialist, it's bad.  But from my perspective, I think wealthier people are more intelligent (causation actually runs the other way), and hence more likely to understand candidates and issues and make good decisions for everyone.  What do you believe?

3D-printed prosthetic legBertie Mesko: The finest examples of brilliant healthcare design.  "It’s unbelievable how positively simple and thoughtful healthcare design can impact patients’ healing process!"

Of course I have to note - though Bertie did not - that telehealth is a great experience for patients and often does help their healing process.

da Vinci's Viola organista is brought to lifeAleteia: After 500 years, Leonardo da Vinci's music machine is brought to life.  "His marvelous Viola organista sounds like a chamber orchestra due to its design."  Please click through to the video, it's well worth a listen...



two fuse puzzle

Wednesday,  02/05/20  11:24 PM

Unrelated to three dog night :)

you are a wizard...The other day I asked: "Imagine that you're making a magic potion. You're a wizard with a long beard. But - the potion only works if you wait exactly 45 minutes before you stir it. If you stir it before or after the potion's totally ruined. You don't have a smartphone. You don't have a watch. You don't have any kind of time measuring device. What you have is two fuses of irregular consistency. The one thing you know for a fact is that it takes an hour for each of these fuses to burn from one end to the other. How do you use these to measure exactly 45 minutes?"

  • Ignore that you're a wizard with a long beard.
  • Take the first fuse, and light both ends.  At the same time light one end of the second fuse.
  • After exactly 30 minutes, the flames from the two ends of the first fuse will meet and the fuse will go out.
  • At that moment, light the other end of the second fuse.
  • After exactly 15 more minutes, the flames from the two ends of the second fuse will meet and the fuse will go out.
  • Poof!  Time to stir the potion.




Wednesday,  02/05/20  10:18 PM

President Trump gives State of the Union SpeechWhew, I've been traveling, and while I was out there was a bit of a fiasco in Iowa, our President gave quite a speech, and he was acquitted of impeachment.  (A foregone conclusion because it takes a 2/3 supermajority and that was never going to happen, so why do it?)  Oh, and perhaps not coincidentally, he is now more popular than his predecessor.  CNN says Democrats made a mistake by impeaching Trump.  So it would appear...

What is the Speaker of the House doing here?  Tearing up the speech?  Well that's certainly a classy move, my goodness.

Oh, did you know?  Our form of government is not a democracy, it's a constitutional republic, and there's good reason for this.

But meanwhile, a bunch of other stuff is happening too...

Bernie Sanders - vote socialismThis is so great.  Not clear what happened yet in Iowa, but seems plausible...

SpaceX Crew DragonSpaceX's first NASA astronaut launch closer than ever as spacecraft and rocket near Florida.  "After Crew Dragon arrives, SpaceX will have all the hardware on hand and ready for its first NASA astronaut launch – arguably the single most important mission in the company’s history."  Excellent.

The Navy is arming nuclear subs with Lasers.  No one knows why.  Actually Glenn Reynolds knows: "This is very simple. If you have lasers and you have a thing that can power lasers, then you put lasers on the thing."  Of course.

JSXI almost hate to mention this because I hope they don't become too popular (and I know how many of you are reading this :), but I love JSX.  This little airline flies from Burbank to Oakland and Phoenix in cute little jets from hangers on the other side of the airport and there's no lines, no taking off your shoes and jackets, and it's just great.  And it doesn't even cost more.

xkcd: Satellitexkcd: Satellite.  So great.

Meanwhile: NASA solar probe smashes two wild records as it approaches the sun.  Fastest human-made object (153,454mph) and closest object to the sun (11.6M miles).  I love that the article calls this "cool science" :)

Wow, Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss watch industry in 2019.  Somehow I've avoided owning one.  Too many people have them already :)


0202 2020

Sunday,  02/02/20  08:46 PM

super groundhog dayHappy Super Groundhog Day!  Winners today included the Chiefs - yay - and not the 49ers - double yay - as well as Jeep, who's remake of Groundhog day with Bill Murray, a groundhog, and the new Jeep Gladiator stood out as the best commercial.

I know, "your majesty, there is no second", but if I had to pick it was the Walmart commercial featuring space travelers from various movies.  That was pretty great.

Oh, and the halftime show?  Meh.  Not a good place for strippers in my opinion, I prefer musical acts.  Best ever was Tom Petty (2008) though Lady Gaga was great (2017) as were U2 (2012) and Michael Jackson (1993).

Groundhog weather report: early Spring!  First time ever groundhog did not see his shadow two years in a row.

Mathieu van der PoelI began the day watching the World Cyclocross Championships and as expected Mathieu Van Der Poel won and won big, wire to wire by over two minutes.  And it wasn't that close.  He is honestly the best rider on a bike at the moment, and I would not be surprised to see him winning more big classics on the road this spring.

His incredible victory in the Amstel Gold race last year was no fluke.

Hmmm: Donald Trump to make 'school choice' a major topic at State of the Union address.  Good, it should be a major topic; our public schools are important but not giving us good value.  Competition is often the answer.

Roger Simon: America's coming three-party system.  Watching the Democratic party recoil to Bernie Sanders' ongoing success in the past week, I was wondering if this might happen.  If he wins in Iowa and New Hampshire - and right now, it sure looks like he will (who would stop him not Biden or Warren) - then he's going to be well on his way to winning a Socialist party nomination.  And Bloomberg will take the rest of the Democratic party and probably some Republicans too.  How interesting.

Oh, yeah, and happy palindrominal day.  02/02/2020.  I almost tried to post at 2:02:02, but I figured that would be redundant.  Some say it's the most palindrominal day ever!  (I link, you decide)


Superbowl Eve

Saturday,  02/01/20  07:51 PM

Superbowl LIIVAre you ready for some Superbowl?  As always it seems so long from December to the Superbowl, and thoughts of football have already left my head.  And who should I root for?  I usually root for the West Coast, or the NFC, but the 49ers?  Argh.

I think ... yeah, the Chiefs.  They haven't been in it for a loong time...

ObductionGames to play ... Obduction!  From Cyan, billed as a spiritual successor to Myst and Riven.  Okay, I'll try it.  I'm not much of a gamer, but I do like the puzzly-a-la-Myst kind.

Books to read ... A Truck Full of Money.  From Tracy Kidder.  "A perfectly executed, exquisitely reported parable of the Internet age and the wild, mad adventure that is start-up culture."  Okay, then.

Edward Snowden: "The problem of fake news isn't solved by hoping for a referee but rather because we as participants, we as citizens, we as users of these services help each other. The answer to bad speech is not censorship. The answer to bad speech is more speech."  Amen.

Led Zep - Dazed and ConfusedThe incomparable Led Zep, performing Dazed and Confused live in 1973.  Yes of course Jimmy Page is playing guitar with a cello bow.  JPJ and Bonham are enjoying the show as much as we are.  And Plant the voice!  The correct volume for this is 11.

I saved this so I could link it for you: a wide-ranging interview with Peter Thiel.  I had the privilege of working for Peter for while, back at PayPal, when he was still just Peter.  He was smart then and smarter now.

Read the article and you'll see; he has this pleasant trick of always being between you and the middle, no matter where you are.

From Eric Raymond: Three reasons to believe the Wuhan virus is a bioweapon.

  1. Propagation stats.  Too high inside China, too low elsewhere.
  2. Engineering.  Four sequences appears to be the same as the AIDS virus.
  3. Location.  The only P4 lab in China is ... in Wuhan.


Onward to tomorrow...  hope you have a Super day!


the floating piers

Saturday,  02/01/20  07:38 PM

Did you see this, from mid-2016:

Unbelievably cool.  I've always been a fan of Christo and this is my favorite of all his works.

One of my favorite parts is no railings.  Probably would not have been possible to do in the US...





Friday,  01/31/20  10:24 PM

Brexit!Congrats to our friends across the pond on Brexit.  I don't know how it will turn out and nobody does, but the will of the British people has been carried out.  Onward!

Spent a pleasant day sick, working from home.  I optimized a little database to make many functions nearly 10X faster.  Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

Spitzer Space TelescopeGoodbye to the Spitzer Space Telescope, after an amazing sixteen year mission.  Incredible views like this one from the infrared spectrum have been the result.  (click to enbiggen amazingly).

Well this is sad news: Aston Martin won't release EVs until it's financial stable.  I was kind of hoping the e-Rapide would be the first non-Tesla which was as awesome as a Tesla.  (The Porsche Taycan is close.)  The biggest problem in 2020 with owning a Tesla is that everyone owns a Tesla, and who wants what everyone else has?

Powerline: Great news for fracking!  California's last nuke to close.  The Diablo Canyon power plant produced 2X more power than all the solar plants in California.  The only way to replace that production is with ... natural gas.  So yeah, we are trading a clean energy source for a dirtier one, and there's no lipstick which makes this pig look better.  I've become convinced environmentalists are more concerned with political change than with the environment.

Cirrus personal jetUp in the air with Cirrus Vision, a single-engine "personal jet".  The secret is whole-aircraft parachute technology, which allows single-engine jets to be considered "safe".  At just $2M this is way less expensive than other personal jets.  Wheeee.  I want one.

Wired: An oral history of Infinite Loop.

The Morning ShowSo we finished the Morning Show's 10 episodes, and now have to wait until November to get next season.  I thought it was great, and cannot wait...

And so ends blogging in January, my 25th post of the year.  So far so good, and already better than the last three years and two others.  Onward!


Thursday,  01/30/20  10:53 PM

AR hyper-reality in actionFilter pass ... I'm sick, so calibrate accordingly (*cough*) ...

This is pretty great: AR takes over a person's life in 'hyper-reality'.  It could be a glimpse into the not-to-distant future.  Yikes.

xkcd: what's the worst that could happen?xkcd considers upgrading: What's the worst that could happen?

I love Dropbox but they just auto-updated the Windows client and now it runs at 50% CPU all the time.  I lowered the priority but it makes the fan run.  C'mon people let's get us some QA, hmmm?

Jason Kottke: the greatest chess game ever played.  I don't know about greatest, but the explanation from MatoJelic is most entertaining.  It's so weird that there is so much drama possible from such an apparently simple or perhaps I should say constrained game.

Flatland!Good news!  Flatland is non-contextual.  Whew.

Ever wonder: What exactly does a product manager do all day, anyway?  It's hard to define but you know it when you see it ... or when you don't.

Seth Godin: beware the gulf of disapproval.  "As your new idea spreads, most people who hear about it will dislike it."  If you're okay with that, you might be a product manager.

xkcd: code qualityanother from xkcd: code quality 3.  Another attempt to one-up my code reviews.  But actually it just gives me some good ammunition :)

John Gruber: the gambler who cracked the horse racing code.  TL;DR: improve pari-mutual betting odds by applying a large database of results based on about 20 factors, such as rest days since last race.

Whoa: Boring company's first Las Vegas tunnel poised for February completion.  That's not boring at all :)

Maybe they should be recruited to save the high-speed rail line between San Francisco and LA, which now turns out to be a low speed line between Merced and Bakersfield.

paper airplane gunHere we have the PFM-A5, a 3D-printed paper airplane gun that fires 120 planes per minute.  Some would say "why?", but I would say "awesome!"

SpaceX: liftoff!SpaceX report: liftoff!  That's another 60 StarLink satellites in orbit, ho hum.  And the first stage landed successfully on the drone ship again, ho hum.  This is starting to be like watching 747s take off and land, isn't it?

One thing that's not ho hum, they caught half of the nosecone.  No doubt they'll figure out this part also; those fairings cost $6M, so it's worth the effort.

Okay, off to a medicated sleep, wish me luck...!


iPad turns 10

Thursday,  01/30/20  10:33 PM

iPad!Wow, so the iPad is now ten years old!

So interesting to go back and read what I wrote about it at the time, and the day after pundit reactions.  I don't think anyone was wrong exactly, but the value of a device like this halfway between a phone and a laptop was not clearly understood.  I myself thought that it would be "a computer for the rest of us", but since I already had a laptop, I would never use one.  Heh.  I use mine all the time, and very often - with a keyboard (thank you Brydge) - instead of a laptop.  And my prediction that it would replace the Kindle came true.

The one thing that has gone way off script is the value of iPad applications.  As John Gruber notes, "Apple set the standard that highly complex, innovative software that was only possible on the iPad could only ever earn 5 bucks from a customer forever."  You would not have predicted that 10 years ago, and it seems so weird.  I remember not too long ago desktop software cost hundreds of dollars, and people happily paid it.  Now seems like everything has to be "free".

Parenthetically Gruber has been writing about multitasking on the iPad and boy is that a mess.  Truly horrible UI design.  Even after you successfully get two apps side-by-side, it doesn't work the way you wish it did.  It's impossible to believe Steve Jobs would have let this ship.


Sunday,  01/26/20  08:43 PM

family treeHad a nice quiet day having lunch with my granddaughter and mother.  So cute together.

John Favini in Slate: What if competition isn't as "natural" as we think?  An interesting think piece but sadly misses the rather obvious truth that collaboration *is* a way to compete.

Jason Kottke: The story of two monks and a woman.  A beautiful little fable.

JPEG2000!Heh, this was a literal LOL for me; I spent years working on JPEG2000.  And it was great for digital pathology images; qualitatively better than JPEG.  But... standard browsers do not support it, so...

(BTW the xkcd image is a JPEG :)

Can you solve the two-fuse puzzle?  "Imagine that you're making a magic potion. You're a wizard with a long beard. But - the potion only works if you wait exactly 45 minutes before you stir it. If you stir it before or after the potion's totally ruined. You don't have a smartphone. You don't have a watch. You don't have any kind of time measuring device. What you have is two fuses of irregular consistency. The one thing you know for a fact is that it takes an hour for each of these fuses to burn from one end to the other. How do you use these to measure exactly 45 minutes?"  I'm a sucker for these ... stay tuned!

[Update: solved!]

paper airplanes!Paper airplanes.  Excellent. 
In which once again it is shown, that design flourishes in the presence of constraints...

Seth Godin: toward the honest job interview.

  • The candidate thinks, “I really need this job.”
  • The hiring manager thinks, “I'm tired of this, I really need to fill this job.”
  • As a result, the candidate says what he thinks will get him hired.
  • As a result, the hiring manager isn't really listening, not really.

It's so critical to hire the right people.  And so hard.

the mohawk-wearing fishHad me at hello:  Rare, Mohawk-Wearing Fish Discovered ‘Walking’ on Seafloor.

Joel Spolsky: the Stack Overflow age.  I've known Joel since his Joel-on-Software days, before his Citydesk days (and yes, this blog is *still* made with Citydesk), and Stack Overflow is just about the best thing ever.  Remember the days before you could Google for the answer to any technical question?  I do, and they were ... not as good.

Apropos: RIP Citydesk.

Jeff Atwood (Joel's partner for Stack Overflow): Let's encrypt everything.  I've always thought there was no reason to encrypt access to this blog ... but maybe ... I should?

Rosetta discJamie Zawinksi: offsite backup.  The Rosetta Disc is now safely installed on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.  "In 2014 the Rosetta Probe landed on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, where it measured the comet's molecular composition.  It will remain at rest as the comet orbits the sun for hundreds of millions of years. So somewhere in the solar system, where it is safe but hard to reach, a backup sample of human languages is stored, in case we need one."  Good to know.

Powerline: better living through chemistry, the settled science.  GMOs are one of the miracles of the world, like vaccines; we've figured out how to feed way more people and have way fewer infectious diseases.  Like nuclear power, it's a complete mystery why environmentalists have ended up on the wrong side of this issue.  It's almost like they don't care about the science, they just want to be mad about something...

"Hope" the baby KoalaFinally, in the wake of Australia's terrible bushfire season: "Hope" is born at Zoo Miami.  "For the third time in the zoo’s history and the first time in over 28 years, a surviving koala has been born at the zoo!! Though the actual “birth” took place on May 30th of last year, it was only yesterday that the joey (baby koala) first came completely out of the pouch!"




fish vs fishing

Sunday,  01/26/20  06:33 PM


80+ Federal programs spending $1T/year

(click to enbiggen)

This is rather a remarkable collection (thanks Gerard van der Leun).  It looks a lot more like giving people fish than teaching people to fish, even if some of the fish are given in the guise of teaching.  It most definitely vears into mutilated beggar territory, in which bad behavior is rewarded by "help".  So what is the answer?



Saturday,  01/25/20  09:22 PM

Clayton CristensenClayton Christensen, 1953-2020: How will you measure your life?

Don’t worry about the level of individual prominence you have achieved; worry about the individuals you have helped become better people. This is my final recommendation: Think about the metric by which your life will be judged, and make a resolution to live every day so that in the end, your life will be judged a success.

mercator vs true sizeHow will you measure country size?  Clever map shows true size of continents.  Biggest winners: African and South America.  Biggest losers: Canada, US, and Russia.  (click to enbiggen.)

US Space Force logoThe new Space Force logo sure looks like the Starfleet logo.  Awesome.


Pantone 448C: ugliest color in the worldPantone 448C is the ugliest color in the world.  So be it.  "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we can all agree on ugly."

93-Year Old Man Wins a Storytelling Contest With a Hilarious Story About His Valentines in 1933.  A beautiful story, well told.  Do you remember to whom you gave valentines 60 years ago?

Josh Newman: Bootleg.  "In retrospect, it’s clear that people were stealing music because that was the only way to get it online. As digital album sales data demonstrate, once they were able to buy music digitally, people flocked to that option in droves."

Ottmar Leibert: Opting Out.  "Things are not going well in the music industry…. That’s an understatement. The truth is that things are pretty screwed up in the music industry… That’s also an understatement!"

Jamie Zawinski: MP3 is finally free. "MP3 is supported by everything, everywhere, and is now patent-free. There has never been another audio format as widely supported as MP3, it's good enough for almost anything, and now, over twenty years since it took the world by storm, it's finally free."

Matthew Inman: You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you.  Another beautiful story, well told.

Mathhew Inman: Listen



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