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Friday,  01/10/14  11:17 PM

the BanksHi all; wow, what a day!  This morning I presented eyesFinder to a group of investors - went great, thanks, including a live demo (!) - and then attended an interesting birds-of-a-feather meeting over lunch, and worked all afternoon, and worked out, and (okay I know this is pretty boring) finally saw a movie: Saving Mr. Banks, which was much better and deeper than the previews would lead one to believe.  (I dislike it when a trailer has all the great parts and you don't even have to see the movie to see the movie.) 

Should have known just by the subtle title that it was going to be better than I thought...

BTW how funny that to find a movie review in 2014 you type "Rotten <movie name>" into Google.

And in the meantime, it's all happening...

Steve Jobs announces the iPhone Guess what happened seven years ago?  Yep, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone.  Quite possibly the most important tech announcement of the last decade.  And he knew it, too.

So GitHub have acquired Easel.  I like both companies, but I don't get the synergy here at all.  Maybe there is none, or maybe it will all become clear...

Oculus Rift Crystal CoveSo CES is over, whew, and the tech press can relax.  Here we have the wirecutter's guide to CES.  Nothing Earth-shattering, but then the big thing about CES is always the general trends, not the specific products.  The most exciting product seems to have been the Oculus Rift Crystal Cove, but whether that presages a trend or just triggers a lot of new gaming remains to be seen.  I can't quickly see the use for VR headsets in everyday life.

A cool new website for comparing wearable sensor devices.  Excellent.  Personally I've been using the Argus App which turns my iPhone 5S into a wearable sensor, but then, I always have my iPhone 5S in my pocket (weather working out or cyclcing) because it is my music player, too.  Anyway I like Argus so far... it seems to be triggering the metric magic.

Driverless car tech gets serious.  Hmmm.  This is amazing technology, but I can't honestly see it changing my life anytime soon.  Seems like the safety issues (and liability issues) have yet to be surmounted.  But maybe this tech will lead to Caravans!

All about Windows 9 (aka, "Threshold").  "The most interesting thing about Threshold is how it recasts Windows 8 as the next Vista."  Can't wait, because I do *not* want to use Win 8 as my everyday OS.  However the cheese has moved since Win 7 saved Vista, the desktop is now far less important relative to mobile.  Win 9 might be a footnote.

M.G.Siegler thinks 2014 might be the last year he buys a computer.  Not me.  I will say buying a new one every year has long since been unnecessary.

unemployment and the missing workersApparently we've gone from a war on poverty to a war on inequality.  Sigh.  Might as well start talking about how great communism is again.  Meanwhile it would be nice if we could put more people to work.  For this all we need is for the government to get out of the way.

People have asked me, why do you put so many pictures in your blog posts.  (Really, they have)  This is simple, who doesn't like pictures?  Pictures are cool, and more pictures are better...

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