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Thursday,  05/08/03  10:50 PM

I got hardly any comments on my Books and Wine post.  I figured everyone would say "aha, yeah, you're right".  Guess not, oh well...

Today's nanotechnology hype.  Last night I saw a GE commercial featuring a supermodel and a geek; the geek was a "Professor of Nanotechnology".  More evidence this has tipped!

Red JellyfishSuper-cool undersea creatures: red jellyfish discovered.  "... not just a new species and genus.  It is so different from other jellies that it had to be assigned to a new subfamily ..."  Pictures may be found here.

I was talking to my Mom about the 2004 elections...  Bush is popular at the moment, but the main reason he'll be reelected is that so far no compelling Democrat has emerged to oppose him.  Cox & Forkum agree.

If you're interested in LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman's new company which formalizes personal networks for business, check out his comment on Joi Ito's blog.  Heck, check out the whole thread...  Don Park also comments.  As does Ross Mayfield.  The core of these interesting comments is the debate over whether LinkedIn should be "open" (anyone can find anyone else) or "closed" (you can only find people through your 'network').  Reid has many strong reasons for preferring closed, most notably the reliance on reputation, which is at the core of your network.

Andrew Grumet does some Deep Thinking about Weblogs.  [ via Dave Winer ]

Google is "turning off blog noise".  This seems like throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Does this make sense to you?

Peking Duck has some great pictures from South China.  His vacation there was cut short by SARS...

Do you get David Coursey's AnchorDesk emails?  I do - maybe just to annoy myself, he is so smarmy.  And I rarely learn anything from them.  But today I did - Microsoft is adding a "TV client" to their Media Center PC product.  This allows people to stream video from their PC to their TV.  I think this is big...  as I've noted before, Tivo has this capability as well.  and Intel does, too.  This sets up a situation where people can download movies and other content from the 'net and view it on their home entertainment system.  Imaging an iTunes Music Store type of service for video...

In other Tivo news, they introduced "Tivo Basic" today.  A free service but without any of the features that make Tivo compelling.  I guess it might be a "camel's nose under the tent".

Just watched game 2 of the Lakers / Spurs series.  The Lakers got torched.  Man.  Perhaps the Spurs really are better, or perhaps the Lakers really miss Rick Fox and Devean George.  Or perhaps the Lakers needed to go down 0-2 to get their psyche up.  We'll see!

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