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already gone

Thursday,  01/23/20  07:23 PM

Brexit!An historic day!  No, not because of the weird show in the US Senate, and not even that Mr Peanut has died.  Today the UK have formerly decided to leave the EU on 1/31/20.  Say what you like about Boris Johnson, he did what his voters wanted him to do.

Nigel Farage: 20 years ago you laughed at me, you are not laughing now.

'Cause I'm already gone
And I'm feelin' strong
I will sing this vict'ry song
Woo hoo hoo

gravity warps lightDid you know  NASA have a blog?  Well they do, and it's amazingly interesting.  Take this post about How Gravity Warps Light.

But too bad all they do these days is post about spaceflight; time was, they built and flew spaceships.  Now the best they can do is fund others who do so...

NASA: That time we flew past Pluto.  They are entitled to the "we", but all their unmanned missions are run by Caltech's JPL.

NASA: Curiosity Rover: Five Years on Mars.  A great post filled with the science from the mission.  But before that we had...

... the Opportunity to Rove on Mars.  In which a 90-day mission lasted 15 years.

Cassini mission to SaturnNASA: Cassini spacecraft: Top discoveries.  A fantastic mission and who can get enough of those amazing pictures of Saturn...

... even more ultra-close orbits of Saturn.

SpaceX: Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species.

An incredible video of what it's like to orbit the Earth for 90 minutes:

Orbit the Earth for 90 minutes



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