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Thursday,  05/07/15  09:57 PM

Brrr...  man it has been cold in Southern California.  Too cold to ride, to cold to think even.  Global Warming, where are you?  Fortunately however not too cold to blog...

La Rinconada, PeruI'm drawn to stories like this: Tears of the Sun, about La Rinconada, Peru, the world's highest human settlement, where 50,000 people live in freezing and otherwise miserable conditions trying to strike it rich in the gold mines.  Wow.  Okay no more complaining about the cold here in SoCal :)

Sanford & Benedict VineyardSanford & Benedict: Historic Vineyard's story told...  I have to say, Pinot Noir from Santa Rita Hills is the best thing, amazing the history behind it.  When you drive by (or pedal by) this vineyard it's quite unassuming, you would never know how amazing the wine that comes from it can be.

The story doesn't mention that in addition to pioneering great Pinot from Santa Barbara County, this vineyard also pioneered a different model, wherein grapes growers are separate from wine makers.

Snapchat ghostsSo ... Snapchat "ghosts" are ready to haunt the real world.  So be it, another social media icon for real-world businesses to paste into their windows.  Will anyone actually scan a merchant's ghost to visit their Instagram?  Doubt it.  Cue Cat vN.

Meanwhile, somewhere a mountain is shouting your Tweets.  Hmmm... so compelling, right?  I don't even like Twitter, but even if I did I can't imagine finding this interesting for more than a minute.  But it shows what people will do with their idle time...

Good advice from Aliza Licht, via Guy Kawasaki: How to Intern like a Rock Star.  So interesting that suggestion #1 is "dress the part".  After all these years, that advice for new employees is still so important.  People will perceive you the way you project yourself.

Opportunity Rover - day 4,000!Amazing: Opportunity Rover reaches Martian Day 4,000 of its 90-day mission.  A real-world R2-D2.

Of course: Heal, an Uber for doctor housecalls. Makes so much sense.

Fraser IslandWho knew?  Fraser Island, where cars and airplanes share the beach with tourists and scientists.  Australia's sand world has half of the world's rainwater-only lakes...  I have to travel more!


an Object at Rest

Thursday,  05/07/15  10:44 PM

Today's awesome animation: An Object at Rest.

So cool...


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