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Wednesday,  02/25/15  09:51 PM

Still coding away, in between doing higher level stuff like giving demos and presenting to potential investors :)  And still blogging...

Where is MH370?How crazy am I to think that I know where that Malaysia Airplanes plane is?  Well...  nobody else seems to have a good idea, either.  Jeff Wise thinks it is in Kazakhstan.  Could be...

Guy Kawasaki: Hindsights.  Good observations, if not groundbreaking; I like #5, "Learn to like yourself and change yourself until you can like yourself."  Happiness comes from liking yourself :)

Dave Winer: comments on the Node Foundation.  I've coded for a long time now without paying serious attention to Node, which is an environment to write server-side applications in JavaScript, but it definitely has a lot of fans.

Amazon FireflyInteresting: Amazon's product-finding Firefly lands on Fire HD tablets.  When Amazon first announced Firefly along with the Fire Phone, I thought it would have significant impact on visual search applications, but it turns out Firefly is less about raw visual search and more about barcode reading and optical character recognition.  Still Amazon is not known for giving up; they will keep making it better and better and more useful to consumers.

classic rock plays by yearAsking the important questions: Which rock is classic?  I'm tempted to say "you know it when you hear it", but this is a more quantitative analysis.  It does seem to have more to do with how it sounds than with when it was releasedJust the other day I was surprised to realize Guns N' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" dated back to 1987; when it was released, it wasn't classic, but it sure is now.  What of today's music will be considered "classic" in the future?


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