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Monday,  02/23/15  10:22 PM

Crescent Dunes solar power plantDo you know what this is?  Depending on your point of view, it's either a solar power station, or a serious threat to birds.  JWZ reports this battle station is now fully operational.

If you're a frequent reader you know I think solar power stations like this are ridiculous, not because of their danger to birds, but because of their inefficiency; if there were no subsidies available they would be uneconomical and would never be built.  Solar power makes sense for heating water on rooftops, but not for generating electricity.

From John at Desk: thoughts on distribution.  "I have historically and naively believed in the if you build it they will come sentiment around building great apps and making them work as a business and I now know, without a shadow of a doubt, that having anything close to that attitude and perspective is the easiest way to through away time, effort, and a ton of money."  Amen.

He quotes Peter Thiel in Zero to One: It's better to think of distribution as something essential to the design of your product.  Yep.

should you be a startup CEO?VC Mark Suster asks: Should you be a startup CEO?  A really good discussion about the personal economics as well as the other considerations.

John Gruber: On the pricing of Apple Watch.  Everyone seems to agree the gold Apple Watch Edition models will be expensive - thousands of dollars - but nobody can agree on just how many thousands.  My vote goes for $4,999.  Based on trying to get a mass market, not on trying to maximize profit.

Apple Watch Edition gold caseRelated: I think if Apple make the case reusable / innards upgradeable it will help their sales tremendously.  Everyone knows there will be a Watch 2, a Watch 2S, a Watch 3, etc., and if that means you'll only get one year out of your $5,000 investment it will restrict the market significantly.  On the other hand, being able to upgrade the innards every year and keep the watch case for a while would be quite different.


digital darkroom

Monday,  02/23/15  10:41 PM

Adobe Photoshop turns 25Cannot believe it but Adobe Photoshop is now 25 years old.  Co-creator Thomas Knoll reflects: Dreams from my Digital Darkroom.

I've been using Photoshop for a long time now ... remember Kai's Power Tools? ... and my current active version is (sigh) v6.01, from 2001.  (Hey, it works!)  Can't honestly believe there was ever imaging life before Photoshop.

It's not often that a software tool becomes a verb :)



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