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Friday,  02/06/15  09:57 PM

Coding away again ... and the Ole filter makes a pass ...

imperial cruiserC|Net: Coolest vehicles in the Star Wars universe.  They *are* cool.  Which is your favorite?  Mine is unquestionably the Imperial Cruiser, based solely on the opening scene of the very first Star Wars movie.  Everyone remembers that as the first time science fiction became "real" :)

SpaceX Falcon9And meanwhile, back on Earth, SpaceX will attempt a potentially historic launch and landing this weekend.  Excellent and fXf!

Popular Mechanics has a detailed explanation of the mission.

Scott "Dilbert" Adams: What makes stuff go viral?  (In which he make the common confusion between "viral" and "popular".)  "The topic needs to already be in people’s minds, the quality has to be “good enough,” and it has to appeal to folks’ egos."  The last one is most interesting...

In case you need it: How to make an executive offer, and succeed.  "Never make an offer until you are 100 percent sure that the person is going to accept."  So obviously all the work comes before the offer.  Good luck!


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