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Sunday,  01/25/15  08:47 PM

global coolingMatt Ridley: I am a climate lukewarmer.  "When I first started writing about the threat of global warming more than 26 years ago, as science editor of The Economist, I thought it was a genuinely dangerous threat...  Gradually, however, I changed my mind. The failure of the atmosphere to warm anywhere near as rapidly as predicted was a big reason: there has been less than half a degree of global warming in four decades - and it has slowed down, not speeded up."  I'm one too.

Related: 2014 was one of the 3% coldest years in the last 10,000.

IBM prepares to lay off 111,800 employees.  Wow.  That would be the biggest corporate layoff in history, by far, exceeding the previous record of 60,000, also set by IBM back in 1993.  Remember when working for IBM meant lifetime employment?

greatest (and stupidest) hacking scenesThe greatest (and stupidest) hacking scenes in movies.  I feel like the list of greatest is a lot shorter than the list of stupidest.  I especially like it when viruses are depicted visually.  My own favorite scene was in The Social Network, when Mark Zuckerberg created his "hot or not" site in one night.  That felt pretty real.

Cadel Evans (2011 Tour de France)It's a little early in the year for me to be a cycling fan - I usually get excited around the time of the spring classics in April - but this year I did pay some attention to the Tour down Under, which was won today by Rohan Dennis.  More significantly, it marked the last Grand Tour race for Dennis' teammate Cadel Evans, who finished third, wrapping up an amazing career that included a world championship and an (unblemished!) Tour de France victory.  I was fortunate to be in Paris for Cadel's 2011 victory, as well as in Grenoble the day before, when Evans took the yellow jersey from Andy Schleck in the final time trial (pictured at right).  He's had a great career, a nice guy who finished first.


eight people to dinner

Sunday,  01/25/15  09:24 PM

eight people to dinnerEight people are seated at a circular table. Each person gets up and sits down again_either in the same chair or in the chair immediately to the left or right of the one they were in. How many different ways can the eight people be reseated?

[Update: eight people to dinner, solved]



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