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Wild Oats

Tuesday,  12/30/14  09:33 PM


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Congrats to Wild Oats, the 100' supermaxi racing yacht which was first to finish in the Sidney-to-Hobart race for a record eighth time, edging out brand new rival Comanche (in the picture about Wild Oats is on the left, Comanche on the right).  Is there anything cooler than watching these huge machines racing in heavy winds?  No.



Tuesday,  12/30/14  10:50 PM

Wrapping up a day of college bowl watching (and eating) ... the Ole filter makes a pass.

jellyfish!Gorgeous underwater photos of jellyfish.  Wow!  These creatures seem designed to be beautiful.  Kind of like the animal version of flowers.

Kwanzaa: TV Station reports on non-existent parade for imaginary Holiday.  Yeah, this pretty much speaks for itself.

John Cleese explains stupidity and why the truly stupied lack the capacity to realize how stupid they are.  Ditto.

At Teslarati, Rob M reflects on the year of the Model S.  There is such a great community of Tesla owners online, and Teslarati are a nice part of it.  Subscribed!


portraits of time

Tuesday,  12/30/14  11:02 PM

Portraits of time: black-and-white photographs of ancient trees from around the world.  Wow!

I remember visiting the Bristlecone Pine forest in the White Mountains a few years ago; that was amazing.  Trees over 4,000 years old, which have existed since long before Jesus, and almost since before recorded time.  Spooky and cool. 

A perfect way to end the year and start the next one!


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