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Le Tour 2014, stage 3: sprint into downtown London, Kittel triumphs again

Monday,  07/07/14  10:37 PM

Marcel Kittel triumphs in downtown LondonHo hum; today's Tour de France stage was parade from Cambridge into download London, where Marcel Kittel finished off the field easily in a bunch sprint.  The GC was unchanged, and on we go into France.  There were huge crowds in England lining the road nearly the entire way - again! - but they didn't have much of a race to watch today.

Tomorrow the field crosses the channel into France for another flat stage, a warmup before the Paris-Roubaix-like cobbles of stage 5.  Stay tuned...

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the three hour rule

Monday,  07/07/14  11:02 PM

three hours later...Today I rediscovered for the Nth time the value of the three-hour rule*: it takes three hours to get anything "done", especially if that thing is something which requires concentration, like programming.  And during that three hours it's best disable all interruptions; don't check email, take phone calls, send texts, etc.  Three hours.

A good day includes at least one three hour window, and a great day includes two :)  Today ... was a good day.  Tomorrow?  We'll see :)


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