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illusions in Kharkov

Wednesday,  02/26/14  10:31 PM

With everyone's attention on the situation in the Ukraine, just wanted to share this awesome projection show in Kharkov, which is Ukraine's second-largest city (behind Kiev):

(click through to play)

Kharkov was the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, and is the center of the "Russian" part of the Ukraine.

Cheers and let's hope this sort of thing becomes the main thing residents have to worry about again...


Wednesday,  02/26/14  10:47 PM

climbing Protrero (20%)Day three of the CorpsCamp today, a nice little 70 mile ride capped by the 20% climb up Protrero Road.  Whew.  I needed some fajitas and Dos Equis after that, and I got them :)

Wolfram Language in actionSo cool: Stephen Wolfram's introduction to the Wolfram Language.  Wow.  This looks so powerful, I can't wait to play with it myself.

From Scott "Dilbert" Adams: The Estonian Pattern Key.  "Imagine what would happen if voters started sorting government plans into Lawyer versus Engineer. When the evidence suggests a win-win opportunity, we'd call it the engineering option. When we have a win-lose alternative, we would label it the lawyer approach."  So, how do we label this plan, if the government were to suggest it?

Seth Godin: The most important questionDo your customers trust you?  I think this might be a key differentiator for Apple against Google and Microsoft.

Google VenturesAn interesting overview from December: Where Google Ventures is pinning its hopes. "Five years after its founding amid snickers and skepticism, Google Ventures has emerged as one of the hottest venture firms in Silicon Valley. It's sought out by entrepreneurs and, as a co-investor, by the Valley's marquee firms. In 2013 alone, three of its portfolio companies have gone public, and six were acquired."  I was just talking with a friend about how banks are no longer funding innovation.  Seems big companies have taken over.

Kepler discoveres new planetsKepler discovers 715 new planets.  No, not Johannes Kepler himself, but the satellite probe named after him; the number of known planets has doubled in the last four years since it was launched.  Excellent.

Of course, none of these planets appear to host life, so we might well ask, "where is everyone?"

Related: check out this awesome infographic from a year ago, showing details for the then-190 new planets Kepler had discovered.



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