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Monday,  01/20/14  11:21 PM


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the United Nations of Programming

Monday,  01/20/14  11:27 PM

So if you ever want to see globalization in action, just post five ads for six positions at two different companies requiring four different programming skillsets. 

I have recently done this, and have been flooded with applicants from all over the world.  Literally.  We're talking 327 resumes from engineers in places like (in no particular order) Sao Paulo, Lima, Istanbul, Leskovac (had to look that one up), Lahore, Dar es Salaam, Beiruit, Alexandria, Torun (had to look that up too), Indore, Bangalore, St Catherine's (Jamaica), Rome, Shanghai, Pune, Warsaw, Barcelona, Kiev, Voronesh (Russia), and Chennai, just to name a few.

And these are not just tire kicks; when I get a resume, I request a coding exercise, and I score them.  These are honest-to-goodness engineers coding in Java and Objective C and Ruby and C++ for a wide variety of different platforms and environments and applications.  Oh and by the way, all these people communicate in English.

It's completely amazing to me.  The United Nations of Programming.


Monday,  01/20/14  11:40 PM

too much video!Whew, I am resume-ed out.  If I look at another coding exercise tonight, I'll explode.  I can however blog...

So I have a question: when you see a link to a video, in email, or your RSS reader, or on Facebook, or wherever, are you more or less likely to click on it than you would a link to a text page.  For me, I am way less likely.  I cannot stand watching most videos.  It has to be really awesome right away or I'm clicking back.  You, too?

Martin Luther KingCNN: The Legacy of Martin Luther King.  A cool photo series to celebrate a cool guy.  Wish we had some cooler heads speaking these days...

Marshawn LynchDid you enjoy the football over the weekend?  I did!  Ate a lot, saw some friends, and watched some good teams play some great games.  Going in I was pulling for the overdogs, and at this point I'm rooting for the Seahawks over Denver...

(I'm sure it is a complete coincidence that the two teams in the Super Bowl are from the two states that have legalized marijuana.)

Global Warming skepticism reaches six-year high.  This wouldn't have anything to do with the polar vortex which froze most of North America for two weeks, would it?  Climate isn't weather.  Then again, absence of proof is not proof of absence. 

golden doughnut skyscraper in GuangzhouGolden Doughnut-shaped skyscraper completed in Guangzhou.  Awesome!

Sports Illustrated swimsuit editionVanity Fair: Fifty years of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.  It really is a good article, you should read it.  Most interesting to me was the evolution of sports; fifty years ago SI was a niche magazine.

Somewhat related: The financial benefits of being beautiful.  I get that being good looking leads to success - especially if you're a swimsuit model - but I also want to know if the things that make you successful make you better looking.  It could go both ways.

And meanwhile: Aerie's unretouched ads challenge supermodel standards for young women.  Looking at the pictures, not so much.  They just found women who were great looking without makeup and Photoshop.

Wow: HP offers Win 7 on new PCs "by popular demand".  Looks like Win 8 really is Vista revisited.

the microverseAnd finally ... the microverse!  Excellent.


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