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Friday,  01/03/14  11:21 PM

the Xue LongI spent the afternoon working on spreadsheets in a bar.  It was so cool, at first there was nobody, and then gradually people showed up, and then more people, and finally there was a point where everyone was there and it was like, wow, who's that nerd with the laptop?

So, that icebreaker sent to rescue the stuck icebreaker filled with climate scientists?  Stuck.  I know weather isn't climate, but still...

Saw American Hustle tonight.  Meh.  Kind of a waste of all those great actors ... I feel like it could have been better.  It's such an interesting story, too...

Truth is stranger than Onion: Giant Rubber Ducky Bursts Before a Crowd in Taiwan.  Let's hope it gets repaired and reinflated soon!

Valencia Opera HouseThis is too bad: Santiago Calatrava to Face Legal Action as Valencia's "White Elephant" Opera House Falls Apart.  Such a beautiful building, too, but I guess the beauty was only skin deep.

From the inimitable esr: The lost art of C structure packing.  Ah, yes, I remember DSECTs and XLs too... :)(

100,000 piece K'Nex machineExcellent: Massive 100,000-Piece K’Nex Ball Machine at The Works Museum in Minnesota.  Some people have too much time on their hands, and I'm so glad they do.

Lego drawing and writing machineIn the same vein: Apple Engineer Uses LEGO Bricks to Build Machine That Writes Messages and Draws Pictures!  It's amazing what people do with lego...

So, what can you get these days for $51B?  (Yeah, that's a B)  How about the Sochi winter Olympics?  Seriously, does anyone truly believe these events pay for themselves?

anteaterHehe: New Years' resolutions of an anteater.  "That’s right, you guessed it, I’m gonna eat a shit ton more ants."



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