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Wednesday,  01/01/14  12:37 PM

Hi blog public, how are you?  Happy New Year to you all!

You are probably, like me, full from last night, and probably, like me, eating, drinking, and watching football today.  (Go Cardinal!)  And you are possibly, like me, contemplating a new year, and making a few resolutions.  Here are mine:

  1. Work out consistently;
    try to do something every day
  2. Keep my to-do list current;
    and have a schedule
  3. Spend quality time with my family;
    one-on-one as well as together
  4. Make time for reading

That's it.  Oh yeah, and keep blogging :)

It's going to be an exciting year ... I've started eyesFinder - a new business to create working Visual Search - and that's going to be great fun.  My wish for each of you is that you have something to get excited about. 



Wednesday,  01/01/14  11:59 PM

2014 Rose Bowl

Well, New Years' Day has come to an end, and the 2013 Holiday Season with it ... so be it, tomorrow we are "back to normal".  Still, the bowls do continue for another week (!), so maybe we can keep acting like we're celebrating?

I know some of you have full Tivos with as-yet-unwatched bowls on them, so I won't comment on any of them yet, but there's been some great football, right?  And as you're sitting around with friends talking about it all, try these out: Fifteen of the strangest things that can legally happen in football.  Yes, it is possible to score one point!

it's about timeI think this is a bit exaggerated: This video will make you completely rethink your concept of time.  Not quite.  It does however put current time into perspective.

Bruce Friedman thinks 23 and Me is an example of "Big Bang" market disruption, a la Clayton Christensen.  He might be right.

glasshole in actionAn interesting story from Mat Honan of Wired: I, Glasshole, my year with Google Glass.  I'm about to be one myself - stay tuned! - and am eagerly anticipating the experience.  I think it's inevitable that some kind of wearable computer is going to replace cellphones as our everyday computing and communications devices, and this type of device is a good candidate.  Here's John Gruber's take, and here's M.G.Siegler's...

So much of this is social convention; I can remember when people thought active Blackberry use was uncouth, but now everyone has their phone out all the time.  Maybe we'll all be wearing such devices in a few years, and nobody will think twice.

xkcd: New Year's Resolutionsxkcd on New Years' Resolutions.  Yeah, but this year IS going to be different!

Chris Dixon: Why I'm interested in Bitcoin.  Yeah, I guess that's why I'm interested too :)


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