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Excellent Secret Life

Sunday,  12/29/13  08:30 PM


Saw the Secret Life of Walter Mitty tonight
Most excellent
Funny not stupid, and thought provoking, and quite special
And the cinematography was excellent
Yes you must see it

(and the ending is perfect)



Sunday,  12/29/13  10:47 PM

drawing hands (aka the C compiler)Great football today, what?  And a great day in general; I kayaked, sailed, brunched, and watched, with eating and drinking all through.  And saw Secret Life, a great movie.  Onward into an interesting week!

At right possibly my favorite work by M.C.Escher, "drawing hands", which I like to call "the C compiler", photographed from a nice present, an Escher calendar, given me by Meg's boyfriend Nico.  (thanks!)  I have been thinking about coding a lot, and this is a beautiful visual metaphor.

Life! - July-Sept, 1945Watching Walter Mitty one is reminded of the once-greatness of Life Magazine, vividly brought back by this post: The Greatest Magazine ever Published (July-Sept, 1945).  Incredible.  The greatest generation had the greatest content, long before computers, the internet, or iPads...

Paging Walter Mitty: 100-year-old photo negative discovered in the Antarctic.  Wonder if any of them were destined for Life :)

Excellent: the first 3D-printed organ (a liver) is expected in 2014.  It will be for research, not a human transplant, but wow!  And here I am still printing plastic gnomes for my mantel.

thinking about the boxThinking about the box: Undergrads reinvent the carboard shipping container.  Excellent.  I love the way it opens, how many times have you almost killed yourself doing this with a dull pocketknife?

Facebook is "dead and buried" to teens.  So be it.  It's alive and well in my world...  just yesterday used it to re-meet an old sailing  buddy from 40 years ago.

remote access - is it finally here?Russell Beattie wonders Is Remote Access finally here?  His answer: maybe.

Chromebooks success punches Microsoft in the gut.  Inflamatory headline writing aside, this is essentially true.  Dave Winer says I told you so.  I'm not as pessamistic about it as he is.

Data: 21% of all notebooks are Chromebooks.  The power of free.

You could see this coming from a mile away: the next problem with solar power: how to charge for it.  So public utilities have long complained about customer power usage and encouraged solar power as a way to reduce it, and even compensated people for their excess power.  Now that solar power is causing meaningful reductions, it's begun impacting revenue, and has become a problem.  All such issues are fundamentally economic, and should be left to markets, not government.

Russian thermonuclear weaponMost excellent cold war nostalgia: the Russian Museum of Nuclear Weapons.  Wow.  Good thing it turned out, the Russians loved their children too...

Finally: I (re)discovered a folder of old stuff intended to be blogged about, from a period when I wasn't actively blogging.  Yippee.  And so now I'll drip them out...  here's the first:

dance moves!Back to school!



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