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this is a website

Monday,  12/16/13  10:40 PM

To blog, or not to blog?

This is a website.

So why do we call it a blog?




Monday,  12/16/13  11:23 PM

As an addendum to the coolest photos of of 2013, check out this one pointed out by reader Mark Cote
from the Daily Mail:




Monday,  12/16/13  11:43 PM

Xmas!Our tree is up, lit, and ribboned...  it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)  Now to 3D-print some ornaments!  And in other news...

cheeseburger!Americans want the government to stop banning everything they like.  Well, duh.

Gerard Vanderluen says They Know.  "...they still know that they know... And they know that we know that they know.  Yet still they persist..."  I'm not so sure.  I think they may be too stupid to know.

Would you take smart drugs to perform better at work?  Yep, I already do ... caffeine :)  It seems to be socially acceptable, but [so far] it isn't required.  Maybe it should be?

Europa ice plumeThis is cool: Jupiter’s Moon Europa Is Bursting With Icy Geysers.  Maybe a refreshing stopover on my way to Titan?

Federal judge rules against NSA phone data program.  "It is getting harder and harder to see [Edward] Snowden as anything other than a hero who, at great personal risk and cost, has done a great service for our country and the world."  Yep.

console for Hubble Space TelescopeGift guide for millionaires, from Oobject.  As they say, "almost nothing is affordable."  But how cool would it be to have this console from the Hubble Space Telescope?

Today's correlation vs causality confusion: If you're good-looking, you're more likely to complete college.  Alternate headline: if you complete college, you're more likely to be attractive.  There might be more to you than meets the eye...

startup = growthLatest eyesFinding: Startup = Growth, from Paul Graham.

Nothing!If you don't want the Hubble's console, maybe you just need Nothing

You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need :)



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