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snowy Sunday

Sunday,  12/08/13  11:06 PM

snow football ... in PhillyA snowy Sunday ... well, not snowy for me, although it is frigid here, but I loved watching those football games in Philly and Baltimore, wow.  Nothing nicer than watching people running around in a 25o snowstorm with 6" of snow on the group while sitting inside by a nice fire.  I did spend the afternoon sailing (slash, drifting), which was fun but cold.  Brrr.

You will all have seen my eyesFinder presentation.  Thanks for all the nice feedback.  I've created an eyesFinder blog, and will be posting a lot more about it there, and will try to cross-link stuff.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, starting tomorrow I have a new job - self-employed as the founder of a startup. Should be, er, great!

BTW I'm using Wordpress for this blog, my first experience with it, and so far, so good.  Will have more to say after I have a little more to go on.  I considered using Typepad too, which I've used before and have liked, but seems there are more people using Wordpress and more innovation taking place there.

Mickey Kaus examines President Obama's "Inequality Speech": The Great MacGuffin.  I, too, can't help wondering if our President doesn't want to pass "The Paycheck Fairness Act".  It would be a lot funnier if it were a lot less true.

nVista HD mini fluorescent microscopeIt's the end of the year, which means it's time for end-of-the-year lists; here we have the Top 10 Innovations of 2013, from TheScientist.  #1 was nVista HD, from Inscopix, a mini fluorescent microscope which enables imaging at the cellular level in vivo.  So many of these innovations involve vision, which is not surprising but still cool.

Microsoft store, Arlington, VAWhy Steve Ballmer got fired, in two photos.  This one is the Microsoft store in Arlington, VA, taken last weekend.  There are zero people in the store.  The other is of the Apple store in the same mall.  You can guess what it looks like.  This is a good analysis, because it shows exactly the problem Microsoft faces; they make a bunch of stuff, but what would draw people into their store?  The X-box, maybe, but surely not the Surface...

I see where Microsoft is still playing next CEO bingo.  The key question for any incoming CEO should be, what will you do to get people to come into these stores?

A clear problem someone should solve: everyone wants a new cellphone every year, but cell carriers sell two-year contracts.  So you have to go through this whole dance every year to get a new phone.  Help!

Samsung 1TB SSD in 1.8" mSATA form factorTechnolust: Samsung shrinks size of 1TB SSD.  This is a 1.8" mSATA device.  I can remember when getting more storage size into my laptop was a big problem, now it's making the storage faster.

Do you watch video reports?  Me neither.  When there's a link to a video report, I close the window and move on with my life.  If I'm really interested, I'll Google for a text story.  Am I weird in this way?

ZooBorn: baby HutiasReviving a lost but valuable tradition, here're today's ZooBorns of the day, baby Hutias.  I love discovering new species while being overcome by cuteness :)


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