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vote smart

Tuesday,  11/19/13  09:19 AM

vote smart!I'm afraid I agree with this: People aren't smart enough for democracy to flourish.  "The research, led by David Dunning, a psychologist at Cornell University, shows that incompetent people are inherently unable to judge the competence of other people, or the quality of those people's ideas"  How many people know the candidates for whom they are voting, and understand their positions?  And how many understand ballot issues on which they cast votes?  Of course this unfortunate reality is exacerbated by Unnatural Selection.

So what can be done?  I've often thought maybe there should be a brief quiz, and if you don't pass the quiz your vote doesn't count.  This might prove unworkable or even unconstitutional, but it is compelling.  For a more drastic solution, please read In the Wet, and learn about multiple voting...

In the meantime, we can ask, is this true?  Absolutely.  And it's true on multiple levels.  The average man on the street didn't understand that voting for Obama meant voting for socialism.  They didn't understand that socialism doesn't work.  And they certainly didn't think it would raise their taxes or their health insurance premiums.  The average congressperson didn't understand that voting for Obamacare would mean wholesale changes to the health insurance industry, which would mean many policies would be cancelled or not renewed, and others made more expensive.  It's common sense - if you want to insure "everyone" including those previously uninsurable, then those who were previously insurable will have to bear the costs - but you have to be relatively intelligent to use common sense. 

I'm afraid "relatively intelligent" not only doesn't apply to the average man on the street, it also doesn't apply to the people they elect to represent them...


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Tuesday,  11/19/13  09:46 PM

On the road again ... blogging from 3rd Corner while enjoying Mahi and Pinot.  You have been warned...

like this postHehe ... be the first of your friends to like this post :)  But they should have added a comment area too...

sailing around the harborExcellent picture of a most excellent boat ... sailing around the harbor.  Note the extensive crew :)

Scott "Dilbert" Adams: The Right Priority.  "If you had to pick one priority in your life, could you do it?"  Hmmm....

Scott Loftesness notes, such an elegant custom, writing a thank you letter!  Thanks for that, Scott :)

belt-driven Devon Tread watchLust: the belt-driven Devon Tread watch.  Weird how much human energy has gone into creation of timepieces for the wrist.  At this point everyone gets time from their phone, but watches live on as elegant jewelry, and in some cases, sculpture.

Duber "hyperlapse"Pretty cool: a Dubai "hyperlapse".  Wow, what a place.  Kind of like an experiment, what would happen if you dumped billions of dollars in the middle of the desert.

Slingshots in space?  A helpful video from the International Space Station, featuring demos.  Of course for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction...

space needle turned into Angry Birds slingshotI loved this: Space Needle turned into giant Angry Birds slingshot.  Think of the time it took to plan and build this.  And yet, maybe it was worth it :)

(do you think they'll make it to the ISS?  Maybe!)

Zooborn: baby polar bearZooborn of the day: a baby polar bear!  Awww...

Here's some news you can use: women who drink wine every day say they have better sex.  Yet another reason, if any were needed, to drink wine!


breathing image

Tuesday,  11/19/13  10:10 PM

This image is alive.  But is it living on the page, on in your brain?


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