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we're Lions!

Monday,  08/22/11  09:34 PM

LMU Lions!Yesterday afternoon we attended a nice send-off reception for incoming LMU students and their parents at California Yacht Club.  The kids were embarrassed, and the parents were proud, and some nice speeches were given by LMU administrators.  We are now, officially, LMU Lions, and once a Lion always a Lion.  We are starting to accumulate LMU paraphernalia; mugs, shirts, etc.; I have already received a nice compliment on the "LMU Parent" sticker I mounted on the back window of my car :)

Alex is moving out this week ... sniff.  Stand by for periodic Lion-related chest beating...


Monday Monday

Monday,  08/22/11  10:48 PM

the magnificant Alhambra in Grenada, SpainAnother Monday, and now three weeks of vacation left ... what shall I do with them?  Perhaps I shall ... blog ...

I had a most interesting product discussion this afternoon with some old friends and new ones who are starting a business; the early days of a new project are always so cool.  Many great ideas, everyone respectful and contributing, a clean focus on what it will take to succeed.  Of course there's a long road ahead for them ...  

What I *love* about the Internet: A post on a blog about Bed and Breakfasts in the beautiful city of Grenada, Spain, mentions *me*, because I posted about riding the Alta de Monachil climb outside of Grenada when I was there in 2006 to see the Vuelta de Espana. Five years ago, one little post on my little blog, and yet he found it and linked me! I love it.

Above right is pictured the Alhambra, a magnificent Moorish fortress built in the 14th century, one of the many reasons to visit Grenada.

John Gruber has a simple explanation for why HP abandoned Palm and is getting out of the PC business.  They switched CEOs.

Stirling Engine kitThese are awesome: gorgeous machined Stirling engine kits.  I want one!  (and ... I want to make one :)

As electric cars become reality, the important question is: where will we plug in?  The article thinks 'at home' is the right answer, but that's not where we get gas today...  I think Better Place and their battery swapping idea might work.

Huh: why rounded corners are easier on the eyes.  They're definitely "harder" to make, but I agree they cause you to focus inside the box instead of outside.  Most interesting...

chimp feeds tiger cubAwesome animal picture of the day year: a two-year old chimp feeds a 60-day old tiger cub.  Awww...


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