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views from Philadelphia

Tuesday,  05/17/11  11:07 PM

minuteman!This is coming to you from (checks his calendar) Philadelphia!  Spent most of last night working on an "extra" presentation for our seminar in Atlanta this morning, to cover for a guest speaker who cancelled... and then we ended up not using it, the sessions were so interactive we used all the time for questions and discussion.  So it goes.  And now here I am in Philadelphia all ready to do it again.  Onward!

Nice dinner with our team tonight, and a customer, after which I walked the streets of Philly looking for the Liberty Bell.  Turns out they've moved it inside :( and it cannot be viewed by normal people anymore.  Boo.  Still it was a nice walk :)

Interesting task manager for the iPhone: Remember the Milk.  The hallmarks of popular iPhone apps is their simplicity and usability.  Not complexity.  Computing is shifting away from power users to everyday people.

From James Surrowiecki: Innovative Consumption.  "You might think of consumption as a fairly passive activity, but buying new products and services is actually pretty risky, at least if you value your time and money."

Jens VoigtI'm following the Amgen Tour of California, getting ready for watching a couple of stages this weekend, and warming up by reading Bicycling Magazine; came across this great article authored by Jens Voigt, who is not only the oldest rider in the professional peloton, but one of the best liked all around the world.  "Somehow, I became known more for the way I race than the races I won."  Now that is a champion.


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