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I think therefore iPhone

Monday,  04/25/11  02:41 PM

I did it!  I bought my own iPhone and decommissioned my Palm Pre.  (...and so goodbye Sprint, hello Verizon...)  If you've been following along you know I've had an iPhone from Aperio for a while, using it for demoing digital slide viewing, and then a couple of weeks ago while in Canada I was forced to use it as my actual phone, and I've been using it ever since.  I haven't looked back.

I still like the Pre and still like its physical keyboard and webOS, but the iPhone is just way better.  It's way faster, for one thing, and way more responsive, and the screen is way better, and the camera, and I'm getting used to Mail and Messages and Safari and the virtual keyboard and it all just works.  Every day brings a new App too; even when the Pre had an App it was an afterthought, e.g. the Facebook App on the iPhone is much better, the Open Table App is too, the LinkedIn App, the Moviefone App, oh and now I have Google Goggles and how cool is that! 

I feel kind of silly now that I didn't get an iPhone long before.  None are so devout as the converted :)  Onward!

(Oh, and I like having a front-facing camera too, makes taking self-portraits easy :)


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