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blogging from snowy Boston

Thursday,  03/31/11  11:18 PM

Oobleck from the sky
Boston forecast
I am back in Boston after my sojourn down to Woods Hole, and there is white Oobleck falling from the sky.  The forecast is for more of the same tomorrow.  So be it.  I am most tired after a long [and productive] day, but have just enough energy left for a little filter pass...

AC45 under sailAwesome!  Amazon becomes naming sponsor of the 34th America's Cup.  "In addition to obtaining the naming rights of sailing’s pinnacle event, Amazon will radically overhaul the arcane marketing technology that has plagued the sport of sailing for decades and hindered its development. Race organizers will leverage Amazon as an incremental sales channel for their new sailing product. As part of the enhanced online real-time video streaming package, third-party companies will be able to buy sponsorship rights, through Amazon, for up to one-third of each yacht’s wing spar and up to one-quarter of each of the two hulls."  How cool is that?

The MatrixWas it really eleven years ago today that The Matrix was unleashed?  Yes it was.  Wow, changed all movies from that point forward.  Great plot but the special effects definitely raised the bar.

Truth is stranger than Onion: Transparency: "President Obama finally and quietly accepted his 'transparency' award from the open government community this week - in a closed, undisclosed meeting at the White House on Monday."

Adobe debuts Photoshop for iPad.  So much for tablets being useful for content consumption but not creation, huh?  They appear to be good for everything and better for many things :)

Tour of Flanders - KoppenbergDo you know what is happening this Sunday?  The Tour of Flanders of course!  Yay.  I was honored to have a chance to ride it myself last year, the day before watching the pro race, man what a test.  This year shapes up once again as champion Fabian Cancellara against challenger Tom Boonen.  Cannot wait.

ZooBorn: wolf pupZooBorn of the day: a little wolf pup.

Good night y'all... ZZZzzz...

PS don't forget tomorrow is April One.  Don't be fooled :)


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