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lazy Sunday

Sunday,  03/20/11  09:22 PM

I found the peppersHey y'all; not only a lazy Sunday, but a stormy one too; it rained all day here, seriously, and blew like crap all day too.  Wow, haven't seen a gale like this for a while.  Ran to the store, had to park carefully to avoid fallen and about-to-be-fallen trees, ran into the store (was soaked thoroughly), and then backed my car into the store to load it.  Started a trend, too.  (Ever wonder why supermarkets have double doors - now you know.)  Anyway ... also got in a little work on my new project, and re-watched The Social Network, which is *great* in case you want to know...

the social networkI'm going to say, I think maybe Facebook is the best thing ever on the 'net; I used to think Amazon, and then eBay, and then Google, and PayPal was in there too, but Facebook is awesome.

Powerline: what really happened at Fukushima.  "From this natural disaster, we can learn that properly built nuclear plants can withstand powerful earthquakes and tsunamis. But backup cooling systems and any on-site cooling pools must be protected from any after effects of an earthquake."

Messinger swings into orbit around MercuryYee ha!  Spacecraft swings into first orbit around Mercury.  Is 'Messenger' the coolest name for a spacecraft, or what?  Even better than Voyager.

Dave Winer: What Twitter and the NYT have in common.  As a student of both, he has standing to comment: "Neither company has a way to sustain itself financially...  Funny thing is, they're like ships passing in the night. Each is the solution to the others' problem."  Another thing they have in common: they should both listen to Dave :)

Matt Goss wins Milan-San RemoSo the prestigious Milan-San Remo race was yesterday, and Philip Gilbert finished third!  And Fabian Cancellara finished second!  No surprises so far, except Matt Goss won!  Matt Goss?  Yeah, an overnight sensation years in the making.  How come HTC-Highroad are always the team with the hot young talent?

And today's big news?  AT&T are buying T-Mobile, consolidating the GSM-based carriers in the US.  Om Malik says everybody loses.  We'll see if it actually happens.

for a teen: iPad or Macbook?Hey ... I've been asking; for a teen: iPad or Macbook, and so far only 17 of you have responded (iPad 17%, Macbook 70%, and "it depends" 11%).  Please vote ... thanks!

Onward, into a far-from-lazy week!  See you soon...


this much nothing (New Yorker, 3/7/11)

Sunday,  03/20/11  09:47 PM

I love it
almost as much as
this much nothing


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