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go DeeDee, episode V

Saturday,  03/12/11  11:16 PM

The 2011 Iditarod is down to the last 200 miles, where it *really* gets interesting, and DeeDee Jonrowe is now running 8th, about four hours behind the leader.  There are twelve mushers who have made it to Kaltag (see map), and five are on their way to Unalakleet.  DeeDee is running 11 dogs, which is par for the course at this stage of the race.

John Baker is leading and according to Ramey Smyth, who is in third, “He's got the toughest dogs in Alaska. They eat good, they stay happy, and he doesn't need to stop.” Baker did rest at Kaltag, saying he was more tired than his dogs :)

If you want to hope, the Iditarodblog noted the following about DeeDee: “If you’re checking the GPS Trackers you may notice that Dee Dee Jonrowe has posted some of the fastest run times. She seems to have an incredible amount of speed left in her team at this point in the race.” Yes, we did notice this :) Yay.

As usual the best news comes from various lay observers on Twitter. Apparently DeeDee ended up trapped in water underneath her sled on overflow ice earlier in the race. No problem…

Well the next 24 hours should prove decisive, we’ll see how it all shakes out. Here are the current standings… stay tuned, and go DeeDee!

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for a teen: iPad or Macbook?

Saturday,  03/12/11  11:47 PM

We have a couple of teenagers, one of whom is going off to college later this year (!), and both of whom own relatively late-model iMacs, and we have been having a debate: does a teen need a "computer", or is a tablet sufficient and/or actually better?  (Postulate a bluetooth keyboard for the tablet; some amount of serious typing will be involved.)

For a teen: iPad vs Macbook, what do you think?



it depends

total votes = 25

  (ended 03/31/11)


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