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back to normal

Saturday,  03/05/11  07:52 AM

Huh; today I fell somewhat back to normal, or at least what passes for normal with me.  For months we've been working toward our sales meeting a week ago and the USCAP conference this week; and now both are past, everything went great, we can take a deep breath, and ... back to normal.  Yay.  Time to find new mountains to climb!  And in the meantime, to blog...

Space shuttle launch, viewed from an airplaneWow, cool, the space shuttle launch, viewed from an airplane.  Amazing.

Tim Bray on making money in mobile.  The unit volumes can be high, but the unit revenue is undoubtedly low.  Fortunately your overhead can be low, too.

Great article: why payments are hard, even for Apple and Google.  As a PayPal vet I can affirm, yeah, payments are hard.  Without customer service and anti-fraud technology, payments are impossible.  And neither Google nor Apple have either one.

the latest LamborghiniI have to love this: another badass bull charges out of Lamborghini.  Yeah, I know I know, I'm supposed to be rooting against them (as a diehard Maserati aficionado), but Lambos are cool.  Rrrraaaarrrr!

And so Himpmunk have added hotels!  Yay.  The key visual feature is locating available hotels on a map, which *is* the way most people want to find them.  Just like locating airplane flights in time.  These guys are thinking.

Awesome!  Man upgrades Windows 1.0 to Windows 7.  Nostalgia aplenty, I have run every single one of these versions, and many more besides.  Remember Windows 386?  Oh yeah.

Windows 1.0 to Windows 7, the upgrade path :)

So .. apparently [according to slashdot] Facebook boosts your self-esteem.  No wonder I like it so much :)

It's Apple's post-PC world, and we're just living in it.  I think this is right; the iPad has announced a new category which will ultimately replace a lot of PC sales.  I think of my Mom, who is entirely typical and who never wanted a computer, but now happily uses her iPad for email and surfing.

iPad 2 "smart cover"Among the cool things announced with the iPad 2 was the iPad 2 "smart cover", which seems to be, um, smart.

John Gruber liked Wednesday's announcement; as he noted, even the chair  was the same.  And what was different?  Apple and we all knew the iPad was massively successful.  Also different: Mr. Jobs; he himself was 30% thinner than for the original iPad, too bad.

Angelist is giving some VCs heartburn.  Hey, the Internet will ultimately disintermediate everything, including the funding sources that make innovation upon it possible :)

Awesome!  Researchers turn mice into wine snobs.  See, mice are smarter than you might think :)

Horsetail Falls looks like it is on fireThis is way cool: Horsetail Falls in Yosemite looks like it is on fire.  Just a trick of the light, my friends, but wow.

Interesting idea from Dave Winer: using DNS as a thin ID system.  I don't know it this is the solution - too few people control a domain, I think - but he's on the right track; someone is going to figure out a global ID system, and when they do it will be huge.

A successful computer rock-paper-scissors algorithm, based on predicting what you will do.  Wonder how it does against itself?

the best rare bird photos of 2011 from the National GeographicThe best rare bird photos of 2011 from the National Geographic.  Wow, just wow.

ZooBorn: a baby octopus explosion!ZooBorns: A baby octopus explosion!  Excellent.


Red Rider: crusing PCH

Saturday,  03/05/11  02:16 PM

Did a little 55 miler with my CVC friends this morning, the Red Ride was led by the CVC race team.  Yikes, pace!  Was punishing as always, and I feel tired and great, as always.

the route: through Hidden Valley down Potrero, blast along PCH, climb back up Mulholland

pacing through Hidden Valley: too bad we have to live here

descent down Potrero: yikes!

blasting along PCH with a sea breeze on a beautiful day

hanging out with my feathered friends

All in all a great ride.  And now I have the rest of the weekend left... what shall I do with it?


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