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Red Rider

Saturday,  02/05/11  02:14 PM

Another Saturday morning, another Red Ride; this time we climbed Rockstore, took Encinal Canyon down to PCH, and then climbed back up Mulholland and descended Westlake.  46 miles with 5,400' of climbing.  Kicked my ass, again in the best possible way.


the route: up Rockstore, down Encinal, PCH, up Mulholland, down Westlake.  46 miles, 5,400'.

Malibu Lake

after climbing Rockstore - yay

looking back down from the top of Rockstore

Pacific Ocean

climbing Mulholland

the group reassembles before descending Westlake



Saturday,  02/05/11  09:59 PM

Are you ready for some football?  Yeah me too.  And eating and hanging out.  I warmed up tonight by watching the North Division CIF final between Oaks Christian and Westlake High Schools, a great inter-city rivalry won by Oaks, on a two-point conversion with 30s left.  Yay.

Are you a spouse widowed by the Super Bowl?  Then check out How I learned to stop worrying and love football.  There is hope for you yet.

I love this: the Mockability Test.  "If a humorist can easily mock a given proposition, then the proposition is probably false, even if your own confirmation bias tells you otherwise."

bike weather in MilwaukeeBike weather in Milwaukee!  Another reason to root for Green Bay.  Not to be confused with bike weather in SoCal :)

village lightsThis is awesome - village lights under Mittlerspitz.  Check out the whole site, these photographs are amazing.

Question of the day: How big a bite will Apple take out of the mobile commerce market?  Answer: a big one.  Using phones as payment instruments is going to be huge.

Wow who knew?  Yesterday was Facebook's 7th Birthday.  I celebrated by watching The Social Network but I didn't know until today.

Business Week: Peter Thiel: 21st Century Free Radical.  An interesting counterpoint to his flat portrayal in The Social Network.  I worked for Peter while at PayPal for about a year; he was one of the smartest people I've ever met.

night landing at LAXMost excellent: Night landing at LAX sped up to Mach 1.5.  This movie starts with a flyover of Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Malibu, PCH - exactly where I was riding this morning, how cool is that?  And keep watching until you see the sunset and the landing, they're amazing.

Penelope Trunk likes VW's "the Force" ad too, coming at it from a Gen X sociological angle.  I can see that.

Apple's iconic 1984 Super Bowl adBTW there are already a lot of Super Bowl ads posted online; these days you don't even have to watch the Super Bowl if you just want to watch the ads.

Some of my favorite ads are Dos Equis' "The most interesting man in the world"... so who is the most interesting man in the worldHe once visited a psychic, to warn her...

Lee Billings on Huygen's Titan landing: What's "Earth-like" mean?  "The most powerful way to measure a planet's potential for life is simply to live there."  I love it!

Josh Newman compares emailing while sick to dialing while drunk.  I'm just sorry I didn't get any of his "sick" emails; I bet they were excellent :)


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