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Pacific Overlook

Monday,  01/31/11  10:48 PM

Pacific Overlook
mountain biking at dusk on the Overlook trail
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the day after

Monday,  01/31/11  10:55 PM

The day after the great "after party", and we were all in recovery mode.  I managed to get some good work done, had a productive day, and capped it with a nice mountain bike ride with friends.  Tomorrow it is on to Vista for a busy week, and tonight it is blogging...

&nbsp;The results are in!  My two spaces survey ends tonight, and you-all prefer two spaces following a period to one, by a ratio of two to one.  So be it.  We all understand that one space is acceptable, maybe even correct, but there are aesthetic considerations...

iPad mags are trying to be print mags, and it isn't workingTechCrunch observes iPad mags need a new blueprint.  "Replicating a dead-tree publishing model on a touchscreen is a recipe for obsolescence."  Yep.

Meanwhile: the Power of the Platform at Apple.  All that "free" content drives quite a platform business, doesn't it?

Jack Nicholson, philosopherThe incomparable Jack Nicholson: "If men are honest, everything they do and everywhere they go is for a chance to see women."  Huh.  I guess, if I'm being honest ... he could be right.  So am I blogging right now for that chance?  :)  [ via Ann Althouse ]

Robert Scoble backtracks on Quora: Why I was wrong about Quora as a blogging service.  I don't get Quora even more than I don't get Twitter.  I do not want to read someone's answers to someone else's questions.  [ Later: Robert: The mistakes I made in Quora ]

MG Siegler notes: Quora backlash slams into Quora backlash backlash.  He thinks it's going to be BIG.  And he may be right; Twitter is huge even though I don't get it.

Scott "Dilbert" Adams ponders Cloud Government.  "I decided to start a new government for the United States. The current version had a good run. It was well suited for an age when the issues were simple, the masses were uneducated, and communication involved horses. Now the government is broken. It can't even balance the budget."  Balancing the budget might be the hardest thing ever, but it's still an interesting blog post!

The Tumblr "down" page, courtesy of The OatmealTumblr used The Oatmeal's Tumbeasts for their "down" page.  How awesome is that?

Computerworld helpfully shares eight phrases your boss doesn't want to hear.  "Will you be my Facebook friend?"  No.  (LinkedIn, maybe :)

steamcraft submarineThese are most excellent: Fanciful Zeppelins and Trains.  Streamcraft at its best.  I don't know why these give me so much pleasure, but it is so.

Oh, great: Model predicts 'religiosity gene' will dominate society.  I guess this is a corollary to Unnatural Selection; as the world becomes dumber, it may well become more religious.  Sigh.  [ via my blog reader friend Dave, thanks! ]


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