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It's a onederful day

Tuesday,  01/11/11  11:11 AM

Hey, it is 11:11 on 1/11/11! (written this morning especially for this moment); I hope you are having a onederful day :) 

The Oneders!This brings to mind one of my favorite movies, That Thing You Do.  The movie chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of a one-hit-wonder band in the 50s; wonderfully, the band stars out called the Oneders, but then change their name to the Wonders and success follows.  If you've never seen the movie it's a worthy rental, and not just because of Liv Tyler :)

Oh yes, of course we can make a onederful filter pass...

Onderful quote: "The problem with Internet quotations is that many are not genuine." – Abraham Lincoln.

Speaking of ones, I too notice more people say "twenty eleven" than "twenty ten".  Last year it seemed "two thousand ten" was said quite a lot.

Tigers squeek by the Ducks on a last-second field goalLast night's national championship game lived up to its billing; wow, what a battle!  The Auburn Tigers were clearly the better team, but the Ducks hung in there and actually tied the game with two minutes remaining.  They scored two touchdowns and had two two-point conversions, how often do you see that?  To me the big dynamic of this game was that Oregon couldn't run at all, while the Tigers could do whatever they wanted.  I do think the game is slightly tainted by that weird non-call on the non-tackle on the running play at the end.  Okay, so he wasn't "down", but this is yet another of those situations where the fan's intuition and the rules are at odds; too bad it decided the game.  Anyway the college bowl season is finally over, whew.  It was onederful!

Here we have a onederful rant about global warming.  "Anyone with a shred of self-respect who had predicted The End Of Snow would surely now admit that he was wrong. But no. Perhaps the most revealing thing about the snow crisis is that it was held up as evidence, not that the experts were mistaken, but that the public is stupid."  I'm not saying there isn't any global warming, and neither is he; what we are both saying is that it has become a political football, not a scientific theory.

Verizon guy - now with iPhone :) can you hear me now?Today is Verizon iPhone day!  How onderful is that?  And so now I have to oneder, should I get one?  How badly do I need a keyboard?  Sigh, this is a tough call.  I think I'll stick with my [aging] Pre and keep onedering...  note that this was the announcement of connectivity, *not* a new phone.

Jean-Louis Gassée: iPhone = Mac 2.0.  This can be taken two ways, and he takes both of them.  Onederful stuff.  [ via Daring Fireball ]

Related: Paul Graham considers Tablets.  "Many if not most of the special-purpose objects around us are going to be replaced by apps running on tablets."  Yes, a onederful observation.

the ultimate captcha: how to make your shopping cart suck lessThis is onederful: how to make your shopping cart suck less, from the Oatmeal.

Huh, did you know?  Google Goggles solves Sudoku.  It's going to do a lot more than that before long, I'm on record, Google Goggles is going to be BIG.  Onederfully BIG.

Space Shuttle: wow!Finally, wrapping up a onederful post: Horse's Mouth asks can you say wow?  Yes I can!  WOW.

Well that's it for now; hope you have/had a onderful day!


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