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new day

Saturday,  01/01/11  01:01 PM

And so it is a new day - of a new year - Happy New Year!  Weird how marking a particular point in our annual trip around the sun causes us to take stock of where we are and where we're going… but it is so.  Last year was amazingly eventful for me and I can't wait to see what this year will bring.

Do you make resolutions?  I do ... and I have two this year, first, I'm going to sleep earlier, and second, I'm going to under-react to things.  These are both pretty challenging for me I must tell you, and we'll see how I do.  If I can do them both I believe this year will be [slightly] better than otherwise.

One of the joys of blogging is a personal record, and I was looking at posts from the end of last year, and it occurred to me; I had no idea whatsoever what 2010 was going to bring.  I had some idea I had no idea however, because I wrote "the future is cloudy but bright".  The song remains the same!

I had two resolutions last year - to spent more time coding, and to remain optimistic.  I failed miserably at the first; I abandoned programming and spent most of 2010 wearing marketing and business hats.  I succeeded at the second, however, and it was great; optimism breeds success and more optimism (and friends!)  And I am most optimistic about 2011... onward!


bowling in the new year

Saturday,  01/01/11  10:28 PM

2011 Rose Bowl - Wisconsin orange against TCU purpleAnd so I spent today as most New Years Days*, eating and watching bowl games with friends.  I had so much chips, guacamole, salsa, tamales, chili, and Dos Equis that I can barely move.  A perfect start to the new year.  A bike ride tomorrow seems indicated.  (Assuming I can still ride, which is in question :)

In the marquee matchup, TCU narrowly beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, a failed late-Q4 two-point conversation was the difference.  (Arguably, a missed field goal in the first half was the difference, too.)  It was well played and rather fun, but I had to invent a rooting interest in Wisconsin.  Tell me again why we didn't have a Pac-10 team in the Rose Bowl?  I get that Oregon is in the BCS Championship, but why couldn't Stanford have played Wisconsin?  Blech.

the digital story of the nativityThis you must watch: The digital story of the nativity.  Extremely clever and delightful.  I love the "avoid Romans" checkbox in Google Maps :)  thanks Jared!

2010: A momentous year for commercial spaceflight.  Indeed!  And 2011 may be even better.

San Francisco wins right to host 2013 America's Cup.  Mark your calendars :)

Dinner for OneThis I love: how an obscure British skit became Germany's most popular New Year's tradition.  Sadly there is no online posting of Dinner for One... yet!

[Update: yes here it is on YouTube! yay check it out 11 min... having watched it, I cannot imagine how this could have become a *German* tradition, but I love it...  same procedure every year :]

California enacts 725 new laws which take effect today.  Reading through the list I am shaking my head sadly.  Making trans-fats illegal?  Ridiculous.

Finally, a list of the best lists of 2010 stuff.  Have fun!

* When New Years Day falls on a Sunday, as it will next year, the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl are held on the following Monday, Jan 2.  In years past this meant the other New Years bowls also moved to Monday.  The tradition began with avoiding a conflict with church (!), and has continued avoiding a conflict with NFL games.  With the BCS Championship everything is all messed up and I have no idea what will happen.  Stay tuned :)


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