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New Year's Eve Eve

Thursday,  12/30/10  11:24 PM

New Year's ballHey everyone Happy New Year's Eve Eve.  The last official work day of the year has ended, everyone is doing their "year in review" stuff, and everyone else is making their New Year's resolutions.  And I ... I am happy happy.  And blogging!

I must tell you it has been *cold* out here; not maybe blizzards and snow drifts cold, but frozen ice in the birdbath cold.  Last night I managed to run out of gas on the freeway - my end-of-the-year idiot move - and nearly froze out there.  Brrrr...  and it is snowing in Phoenix, and hurricanes are blowing in L.A.  Global cooling!

Headline of the year: Obama assails Republican foes, urges bipartisan effort.  Yep, that pretty much sums up 2010 in politics!

Harbin ice festivalCheck it out - the annual Harbin ice festival which gets cooler every year :)

So ... relationships are better if you wait over a month to have sex.  Huh.  I link, you decide :)

Among the year-end speculation is the ongoing Android vs iPhone debate and prognostications about who will "win" next year...  The answer is: we will!  We the consumers have more choices to do more things with mobile devices than ever, complete with huge ecosystems of companies providing all sorts of online services.  Yay.

We would have to say 2010 was the year of Facebook; not only was Mark Zuckerberg Time's Man of the Year, but 25% of all web pages are viewed via Facebook, and Facebook now gets more visits than Google.  Incredible.

The parable of the PDA: early adopters can't tell you what the market wants.  And neither can non-users.  This is what makes it all so interesting...

Hallelujah Chorus, Alaska styleThe Hallelujah Chorus performed by Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat 5th Grade [and friends] in Quinhagak, Alaska.  Yes you must click through, and yes, you will love it.  Awesome!

Paris Metro photo essayWay cool: photo essay of the Paris Metro.  I can't believe there are so many dead-ends and unused tunnels and even unused stations down there!  Wow.

Some tech nouns, verbified.  I love it!  My favorite: Quora (v): To build a “highly praised” (and “valuable”) service despite the fact that only twelve people actually use it, just because those twelve people happen to be Silicon Valley investors and reporters.

I have joined Quora, and have followers, and don't get it.  No there there for me (yet!)

ZooBorns: miniature pigletsZooBorns of the week: miniature piglets.  They are amazingly cute.

So what are your plans for tomorrow?  Eating and watching football for me ... interspersed with riding and coding.  And maybe blogging :)


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