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pre-Tron filter pass

Friday,  12/17/10  07:21 PM

Tron Legacy - we have tickets!Hi campers how are you?  I am in a GREAT mood despite the rainy dreary weather here.  Who knows why not me but I dare not question it.  In a few minutes I am off to see Tron with Meg (yay!) but first, this...

Victor Davis Hanson: Two Californias.  So so right.  I live in one of them, but he lives in the other.  Some say it can't last another decade.  We'll see; unlike the Soviet Union, there is a powerful underlying economic engine...

Windows 3.1 remembered...Did you know?  Windows is twenty-five years old!  Wow and yes I can remember Windows 1.0.  Click through for some nostalgic screen shots...  the Windows I remember best was 3.1, the first version I used for development.  (Thank you Charles Petzold :)

Am once again calling out ClipNabber, which lets you download videos from a bunch of different sites.  Together with YouTube's ability to transcode all sorts of video, it makes for a nice video conversion utility :)

dwarf planets!Test yourself:  How many dwarfs are there?  The IAU says five, but the picture at right suggests otherwise...

What's wrong with OpenID?  Um, everything...  like everyone I know, I have one, and like everyone I know, I never use it.

Yahoo has hit rock bottom.  I'm not sure about that, every time I think so, they dig a deeper hole for themselves.  A case study in ruining an amazing web property.  (I think still holds the record though...)

Ninjas unbox a Nexus S - awesome!This you must see: Ninjas unbox a Nexus S.  Awesome!

Why am I not surprised: TSA misses loaded .40 calibre handgun.  Send in the clowns.  Oh, they did already.

iPod nano watchThe iPod nano watch has raised $1M in crowdsourced funding.  Wow.

Okay I'm off to see Tron!  Stay tuned for a full report...  :)


a visit to Tron

Friday,  12/17/10  11:31 PM


Tron is awesome!

yes of course you must see it, in a theater, immediately
and then see it again, and again

vivid and liquid, the look is amazing
maximal delicious flowing eye candy
(you could imagine all sorts of Tron -themed stuff)

oh and must mention the Real 3D
only in the Tron world, not the real world
perhaps the best 3D yet

loud and multichannel cool
the music and sound effects were spectacular
(yay Daft Punk soundtrack and they appear as DJs)

the plot was a bit contrived
and the philosophy laid on a little thick
(we don't want these movies to preach to us)
but yeah, it was all good

the light cycles were incredible
and wait 'till you see the light jets :)

Jeff Bridges was, well, Jeff Bridges
both 1985 and 2010 versions

Garrett Hedlund (Sam) is great
a bit wooden, a smile or two wouldn't have hurt

Olivia Wilde (Quorra) was transcending
perfect casting

and Michael Sheen (Castor) stole the bar scene
(reminded me of the Merovingian)

more than anything else though is the grid
the world of Tron is incredible
and I'm sure we will be back


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