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Wednesday,  09/01/10  10:35 PM

Dodger Stadium - the Center of the UniverseIn the middle of the world's longest week, sitting in on a sales training class at Aperio, and doing a few hundred other things in parallel :)  but of course I have time to make a filter pass...

Last night we took our sales team to Dodger Stadium - aka the Center of the Universe - to watch the Phillies beat the Dodgers.  Final score hot dogs 3 beers 5.  A great time was had by all.

And so Apple announced:

  • They have shipped 120M iOS devices.  Wow.
  • iOS 4.1.  Bug fixes (!), HDR photos, HD upload, TV rentals, Game Center.  Yawn.
  • iOS 4.2 (for iPad).  iOS 4.1 stuff + Airplay media streaming.  So be it.
  • new iPod ShuffleRedesigned iPod Shuffle.  Cute.  So be it.
  • new iPod NanoNew iPod Nano.  Touchscreen!  But no camera, and no video.  And it is *not* an iOS device.  Huh.
  • New iPod Touch.  Retina display, front and back cameras, Facetime, HD video recording.  An iPhone4 without the phone.  Expected, but nice.
  • iTunes 10... new logo :)iTunes 10 with "Ping" social network.  Interesting, this I could see using myself... what are my friends listening to, and how do they like it?  Also interesting, they changed the logo to get rid of the CD.  Hah.
  • new AppleTV...and one more thing... A new AppleTV!  Teeny, cheep ($99), no internal disk, rental only.  New UI but not an iOS device, no apps.  Interesting.

A classic Jobsnote, enjoyed watching/listening to the master :)  it was notable that he alluded to some failures or non-successes too; the bug fixes in iOS, bringing buttons back on the shuffle, AppleTV being a "hobby".  It worked.

ArsTechnica posted their usual nice overview of the announcements.

[Update: Ping is a big disappointment.  It might get better, but right now I have no friends, and there's no there there.]

In the real world, worst August for stocks since 2001, not to mention problem bank list climbs to 829.  So much for that "Summer of Recovery", huh?


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