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Tuesday,  07/27/10  11:57 PM

Well I'm fine.  But my poor little car is not :( 

Heading home on the 405 tonight, about 30mph, two lanes closed due to construction.  Suddenly the car in front of me hits the car in front of him who had hit the car in front of him.  Bam bam.  I slam on my brakes and try to swerve into the other lane but there is a car there.  Bam bam.

Wow.  Did that actually just happen?

I'm ... okay.  Wearing my seat belt, air bag didn't deploy.  Car seems ... okay.  It can drive.  Turn on flashers.  I move over to the right gingerly, there is no shoulder due to construction, nowhere to go.  Head for the next exit, there it is, I creep off the freeway and into a nearby gas station.  Inspect the damage.


My poor little car is hurt.  Badly.  Cannot open the driver's door, so climb out on the right.  Left front side smashed, headlight gone, wheel well collapsed.  Right front side all scraped up too.

I call 911.  Report a collision.  I was involved, I'm okay.  No, I have no idea who else was involved, or what happened to them.  Yes, I will wait for the highway patrol.

I wait.

The patrolmen show up in force; three cars six people.  I answer many questions, they take many notes, they leave.  Apparently no other cars stopped, nobody else reported the accident.  Huh.

I drive my car slowly to the repair shop.  My daughter picks me up, takes me home.

Well I'm fine.  But my poor little car is not :(


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