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not a good day, as Lance and Holland lose...

Sunday,  07/11/10  04:26 PM

Man, some days are not good, and this is one of them...  got back *late* last night (3:30AM), slept for a while, woke up nursing my coffee and was in a great mood, still buzzed from the Death Ride yesterday and eagerly anticipating today's Tour de France stage and World Cup final.

So what happened?

Lance Armstrong has a tough stage 8, loses 12 minutes on GC and is out of contentionTour de France: Lance Armstrong blew up on the final climb of today's stage and lost a staggering 12 minutes on GC; he is now out of it.  He had a bad day - crashed twice, and almost a third time - but let's face it, he just doesn't have what it takes to compete at the highest level [anymore].  There was serious climbing on offer, a big selection about which I will have more to say later, and he couldn't hang with the leaders.  It is what it is, but it's sad.

Spain defeats Holland 1-0 in World Cup finalWorld Cup: Holland played Spain to an ugly 0-0 draw through regulation, but lost 1-0 in extra time.  I don't think it was a good game, too rough and not pretty.  Both sides had their chances - Robben almost gave us a goal in the second half - but in the end Spain was better.  It is what it is, but it's sad.

So be it...  But I don't have to be happy about it.  Not a good day :(


TDF stage 8 / mountains / Lance crashes and cracks, Schleck attacks for win

Sunday,  07/11/10  07:07 PM

Lance Armstrong crashed three times and then cracked, losing 12 min on GC and blowing his chances to winLance Armstrong has seen many great days in the Tour de France, but now he's seen a horrible one too, as he crashed three times, bonked, and lost over 12 minutes on GC today.  He's out of the running now, and I'm sad.  Even though it was improbable that he could win again the stacked field this year, the drama of having him in there duking it out was excellent.

Andy Schleck attacks on the final climb to claim stage 8 of the 2010 TDFMeanwhile the first real mountains of the 2010 Tour provided the second real selection (the first was on the cobblestones in stage 3).  The final 30 miles featured two Cat 1 climbs separated by a Cat 3, and the peloton was driven by Astana to shed everyone who wasn't a serious contender (including Sylvain Chavanel, who did his best in yellow to hang in there).  Finally there was just a few elite men left, and bam Robert Gesink attacked!  Contador marked him, probably using up his reserves, because later when Samual Sanchez attacked only Andy Schleck could go with him.  The result was a win for Schleck which left Cadel Evans in yellow.  (As he noted, it's a special day when you can swap the rainbow jersey [emblematic of the world champion] for the Tour's yellow.)  Other contenders still in the mix included Schleck (0:20), Contador (1:01), Denis Menchov (1:10, a great place for him), and Levi Leipheimer (2:14, now the Radio Shack leader, one would think).

And so tomorrow is a rest day - and a digestion day, as everyone lets today's results sink in - and then we have more serious climbing on Tuesday...

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Death Rider

Sunday,  07/11/10  07:21 PM

Yesterday I rode my third consecutive Death Ride - yay me - and I enjoyed it quite a lot.  The weather was nicer than in previous years; I thought it was going to be hot, but it wasn't, and it didn't hail or rain on the final climb.  And I felt reasonably strong on that final 15 miler up to the Carson Pass, all things considered...  for the record, I finished in 9:48, a personal best by about 20 minutes.

death ride profile

route profile - click to enbiggen

As usual I managed a few snaps for your perusal (and please click to enbiggen)...

Mosquito Lake in the morning - calmest spot in the universe

downtown Markleeville
can you hear them cowbells?  more cowbell!

wildflower awesomeness

the magnificent view from Carson Spur

climbing up to the Carson Pass, accompanied by the delightful sound of Chrystal Springs

picture postcard meadow in Hope Valley

climbing up to the Carson Pass

Red Lake overlooked

the final checkpoint! - at the top of Carson Pass - yay

Death Rider!
best tasting orange popsicles *ever*

After the ride I met my brother Jeroen, cousin Anita, and her husband Tom at the Lake Topaz Lodge for an amazing prime rib accompanied by a '95 Stag's Leap Artimus.  The perfect recovery meal :)


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