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Tuesday,  05/11/10  09:03 PM

In which your blogger got a lot done, and washed his car, and fixed his bike, and did a little BD, and a little marketing, and coded pretty much all day in between, and then ... blogged.

Gravity is talking, LISA will listen - testing relativity with three spaceships and lasersTesting relativity with three spaceships and lasers.  Awesome project, awesome tagline ("gravity is talking, LISA will listen"), and awesomer headline, but shouldn't that be friggin' lasers?

Eric Raymond: Android Rising.  "The news comes to us today that in 1Q 2010 Android phones outsold Apple’s iPhone by a significant 7%. As it said on the gunslinger’s gravestone, 'I was expecting this, but not so soon.'"  Interesting.  Will Google's Android be Windows to Apple's iPhone's Mac?  Could be...

Oatmeal: eight websites you need to stop buildingThe Oatmeal: Eight websites you need to stop building.  Hilarious!

Interesting; Amazon's Kindle showing promise as means to access medical literature.  "One advantage the Kindle has over the iPad, and just about any smartphone, is its free mobile Internet access... With the help of a federal grant, Duke medical librarians converted textbooks and clinical guidelines for use on the Kindle and added functions to search PubMed and the Internet. They gave the devices to various medical students and preceptors for their rotations in primary care. Though the device is much slower than a full-powered computer, it scored high in terms of reliability and usability."  Excellent.

BTW I stumbled across another Kindle value the other day; A friend is reading Ken Follett's [awesome] World Without Ends, and she said she loves it on the Kindle because the book is so large!  And it is.  Whereas the Kindle is pretty much the same size and weight when loaded with 100 books :)

photo gallery: handmade hobbit holeFrom CNet, this is pretty amazing: A photo gallery of a handmade hobbit hole.  The attention to detail is amazing.  How great would it be to live in one?  I like round doorways :)

A U-2 in flight - still in use today!NYTimes: Flying with the Dragon Lady.  "Fifty years ago today, the Soviet Union announced that it had shot down an American U-2 spy plane and that its pilot, Francis Gary Powers, was alive.  It seems like a long-ago event from the cold war.  That may be why, in this era of satellites and drones, most people are surprised to learn that the U-2 is not only still in use, but that it is as much a part of our national security structure as it was a half-century ago."  I'm surprised!  Wow, U-2s are still flying, who knew?

Okay, back to coding... :)


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