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Friday,  03/05/10  04:24 PM

Greetings y'all, made it through another busy week with only a confused ego and a cold.  Could have been much worse :)  And so now I look forward to a weekend off - recovery time for both :) - and then off to New York for week of visits with customers and prospects...  but first, this!

9.8 Trillion. I'm with Ann Althouse, this number IS seriously incomprehensible.  Yet no less alarming for being so...  we are definitely entering uncharted territory with this administration, and who knows what will happen.

Geosense installer dialog (click to enlarge so you can read it)This is seriously cool...  find your computer's location with Windows 7 and Geosense.  This FREE software let's your computer triangulate your location from relative WiFi signal strengths just like some cellphones (the ones that don't have "real" GPS built in).  I downloaded and tried this and it really works.  I mean really really; when I was in a hotel in Vista it nailed by location exactly, and in my house at home it actually reported my street address.  Spooky but cool.

PS also I love the irreverent tone of the dialog boxes, check out the installation at right - "I authorize you to slap me if I violate the terms above" - I love it :)

[ Update: also works perfectly in New York, even when I'm not connected to a WiFi network!  How the heck can it do that?  But it does... ]

Andreessen's advice to old media: burn the boatsFully agree with this: Andreessen's advice to old media: burn the boats.  "...he points out, that the iPad will have a 'fantastic browser.'  No matter how many iPads the Apple sells, the Web will always be the bigger market.  'There are 2 billion people on the Web,' he says. 'The iPad will be a huge success if it sells 5 million units.'"  They won't take his advice - it is a classic innovator's dilemma scenario - but taking it would be the only thing that could save them.  On any device, even on the iPad, there will always be a web interface with more content then the local app environment.

Good move: Palm introduces WebOS plugin development kit.  "They call it a 'plugin development kit', but what it really means is that developers can write compiled C/C++ apps for WebOS now."  The more Palm can do to encourage app development, the better; this seems like their biggest weakness...

See you in the air - flying Virgin to New York Sunday...


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