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Tuesday,  02/02/10  10:29 PM

After a couple of non-stop days, the Ole filter makes a pass...

Groundhog Day!I would be remiss not to note today is Groundhog Day!  Yeah, clock radio clicked on at 06:00 this morning, playing Sonny and Cher's I Got You Babe :)  "Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today."  What a great movie, I think about it often...

John Gruber links John Nack: Adobe isn't in the Flash business.  "It’s in the helping people communicate business."  That's all very exciting and theoretical, but people pay Adobe for Flash, not for helping them communicate.

Economist cover with Steve Jobs and iPadSteve Jobs makes the cover of The Economist.  "Jobs’s record suggests that when he blesses a market, it takes off.  And tablet computing promises to transform not just one industry, but three - computing, telecoms and media."  Okay that does it, I am officially jealous.  What's next, the Rolling Stone?

The secret of Steve Jobs' iPad presentation.

xkcd: frequency of strip versions of various gamesFrom xkcd: frequency of strip versions of various games.  Good to know :)

BTW, did you know?  xkcd = 42.

Zooborn of the day: teeny tiny spray toad.
ZooBorn: teeny tiny spray toad


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