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lazy Saturday

Saturday,  01/30/10  11:29 AM

Ah, home sweet home, how nice to be lounging on a lazy Saturday...  nothing to do but a million things I want.  I'll probably do a little ride later and I do have much to catch up on after a week away (with another week away on the horizon), but for now, I have nothing to do but blog.  And so I will :)

I don't know how to take this: Obama said to seek $54B in nuclear-power loans.  On the one hand I'm a big fan of nuclear power, on the other, a big opponent of government sponsored anything.  I guess on balance I'm opposed...

Trizilla in ValenciaWOW!  An aptly titled blog post by the BMW/Oracle team, as they go onto the water in Valencia Spain with their magnificent Trimaran, preparing to challenge for the America's Cup. 

Prada w two-decker shipBut for all the majesty and power of that modern craft, today's sailing picture goes to this one, showing AC yacht Prada with a two-decker ship-rigged tallboy in the background.  What a wonderful contrast, the old, and the new, and the newest!

I so knew this: laws banning cellphones while driving have no effect.  Of course, they have increased sales of Bluetooth headsets...

Huh, Facebook announces HipHop, a PHP to C++ cross-compiler.  Interesting!

Onward, boldly into the lazy weekend :)


Tour of Flanders

Saturday,  01/30/10  11:41 AM

I am considering riding the Tour of Flanders (aka Ronde van Vlaanderen), the course that is, before the actual event, this April 4th.  I will be in Europe anyway, for meetings and customer visits, and the timing seems perfect.  I can't wait to climb hills like the world famous Koppenberg:

(please click to enbiggen)

Doesn't that look like fun?  For even more pleasure, it almost always rains in April...  nothing like steep cobbles in mud!


sunset over Dana Point

Saturday,  01/30/10  11:47 AM

sunset over Dana Point

last night I had the pleasure of riding my "Kessel Run" from Dana Point to Camp Pendleton
and observed this magnificent sunset over the breakwater
sound track: Once in a Lifetime from the Talking Heads

how did I get here?


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