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Palomar in snow

Sunday,  01/24/10  11:23 AM

Today I made my annual pilgrimage to the top of Mount Palomar, accompanied by my British colleague and friend Peter.  We start at Lake Henshaw, ride about 10 miles along the base of the mountain, then ascend the South Grade, 8 miles at 8%.  (Yee haw!)  Visit Mother's, visit the observatory, and then descend the East Grade, 13 miles at 5%, for a nice little 40 mile ride with about 4,000' of climbing.  This year's incarnation was made more interesting by the fact that Palomar is presently shrouded in snow (!), and in fact we were unable to go all the way to the observatory because the roads were closed.  We also shared the day with hundreds of families who thought to take their kids to the snow.  And yes, it was a bit nippy at times, but all in all it was a great day. 

Anecdote of the day: Peter rented a [nice] Cervelo from Nytro in Encinitas, which happened to have a 36x25 as its low gear.  We're climbing, and he says he wishes he had a 27, and I said yeah I have a 27, wish I could give it to you, since I'm not using it.  (What I didn't tell him, I didn't use my 25 either; did the whole climb in my 23.)

Some pictures:

on a clear day you can see for miles and miles and miles and...

yes this is a real climb, an epic climb, Lance even said so :)

self-portrait, top of Palomar in the background (going around a switchback)

relaxing in the "front yard" at Mother's
the back yard was filled with white stuff

surreal scene descending the East Grade, Californian winter wonderland


Sunday,  01/24/10  11:42 PM

Well it's the start of a long and interesting week, for me personally as we have Aperio's sales team in town for our annual kickoff meeting, and for the world as President Obama is giving his state of the union address and Apple are announcing their tablet.  May you live in interesting times, indeed!

Much socializing ahead so blogging will be light nonexistent this week, but here's a brief filter pass...

Mars cratorMarc Cantor: you can't make up these images (from Mars!)  They are incredible...

Twelve resolutions on how to be a mensch.  A good list; better than many similar which have come before.  Seems like a key attribute of mensch-ness is intent; you do good things, but also, you do them for good reasons.  [ via Guy Kawasaki ]

Better Place VCWow: WSJ reports VCs put $350M into Better Place.  This is the electric-car-as-utility company I keep posting about; they sure have attracted a huge following (and now, a ton of money).  Now let's see what they do; say what you like about Tesla, but they are shipping electric cars while lots of others are just talking about it.

With Apple's tablet announcement Tuesday, Robert Scoble dusts off some advice taken from his days at NEC, when they made Windows tablets.  "This is just a fun way to remind you that Bill Gates actually has been pushing Tablets for many years, but his failure in capturing the industry’s imagination has left the door open for Steve Jobs to hit a grand slam home run."  Stay tuned!

owl in flight!Picture of the day or perhaps any day: an owl in flight!  I agree with Clive Thompson that it's awesome; what's so cool is that the logic of the head shape is much more apparent when seen like this...  the eyes and beak in front, the blunt yet aero shape.  Evolution is a magnificent watchmaker, all the more so for being blind :)


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